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  • A Complete Solution for China M and X2 Visa

    Post by : expatree

Since the new visa policy was released from September last year, the headache expats get is not just about the restricted regulation but also the complicated conditions which make them even more confused. For instance, for less than a year of short term stay in China, whether you are a student or a business man, the best visa solution should be either M business visa or X2 short term study visa.
As we all know, M visa took the place of the former F business visa. Unfortunately, M visa has already been considered a sign of an "exclusive product" so that most expats could only get 30 days max when they are coming to China with M visa. But sometimes you may hear someone who successfully got a 2 or 3-month visa permit and you might be jealous and try to look for a “secret”. From our opinion, obtaining a longer duration of visa permit depends on some factors. For example the amount of invested capital of the company (or employer) who offered you an invitation letter may affect the duration of your visa. In other words, the more well-known the company is,  the easier for that applicant to get a longer stay permit. Another hidden factor is “Country & Nationality”. Experience had taught us that the duration of your visa is somehow affected by the country you are from. We have to say it looks like a game, so-called “Lucky Draw”, because no one exactly knows this margin and these information is never being obviously exposed to the public.
However this is not the whole picture. Thanks to some visa solutions. They light up a beacon of hope. In order to give a clear view of the scenario, we made a summary of instructions in flow chart. In this flow chart, there are some terms you need to be acquainted with. We have two big branches from the starting point, “You are currently in China or not”. Following up different scenarios you would see the workable options.
“X days stay” refers to “the maximum day limitation to stay in China”, i.e. you have to go outside of mainland China then re-enter after these days.
“X entry” means how many times you are allowed to leave mainland China.
“Duration” gives us a rough idea that how fast the visa permit could be issued excluding delivery time.
“X days of valid visa, then a departure from China is required to renew visa”, simply put - your China visa has to meet the minimum valid days before the deadline, then you are asked to leave mainland China for one time and re-enter.
Last but not least, no matter you have a plan to come to China for a new visa or you are looking for staying in China for visa extension, this walkthrough gives you a clear direction on what you could do for the next step.

Besides M business visa, there is an alternative way for Mandarin learners, we call this as X2 short term study visa. It offers 6 months visa permit while students are studying Chinese language in a school. It’s applicable for both who are currently in China or outside of China. Here you have to pay attention on some issues that might be misleading.
1.  In case your Mandarin training school is in Shanghai, you have to get your X2 student visa in Hongkong, as we know it’s possible to stay only 1 night to collect your visa.
2.  As usual the applicant who gets X2 visa has to take Chinese language courses in that school who issued him/her the letter of admission. However, there is no mandatory minimum number of classes required by the official government; different schools have their own regulation. If you are not willing to take too many Mandarin classes, then you may have to reach a negotiation. 
As shown above, Expatree visa consulting team would be very glad to give a hand to those struggling to deal with visa issue, and find a proper solution. It’s strongly recommended to get a final confirmation with us on the solution before you rush to move forward. Feel free to contact us at, hope our tips work well on you.  It is our great pleasure to help you out on your visa concerns.
Date:2014-01-18 15:59:06
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