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  • A Fake Apple Store in the Coolest NYC Office

    Post by : expatree
The snack wall at The Fueled Collective, image by Daniel Goodman/Business Insider

The Fueled Collective, located in New York SoHo business district, is an area of 18000 square feet of luxurious office space. The Collective was founded by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner as a new business to foster a collaboration among startups by offering a communal workspace.

Holding 130 people, the Fueled Collective has invited 20 of the most interesting startups. As soon as you enter the space, you feel yourself refreshed. It is so crazy that the Collective has a snack wall inside, full of candy, drinks, pies, etc. You do not have to be chained to your desk to get your work done, but you also don’t have to have a meeting at the traditional council table, because there’re comfortable couches and long chairs all over. Actually, it is often regarded as the coolest office in NYC.

The Fueled Collective is the coolest office as it a fake Apple Store. But what is “ Fake Apple Store”? Sale of Apple product immitations?

In fact, it is a cool installation art exhibition held in the Collective. And what will happen when the coolest office meets with the coolest exhibition? Please read on to take a glimpse of the show.

Recently, Evan Desmond Yee, the 24-year-old multimedia artist held an exhibition in Fueled Collective. Evan takes an energetic and phenomenological approach to his practice and imitates the guise of Apple and other modern tech moguls to observe perceptive changes in the individual's relationship to humanity and the future. In his representation of popular technology, Yee explores Utopian idealisms of today.

With art shown as app models, you maybe mistakenly assume that you’ve entered an Apple Store when you step into the showroom. In the Fake Apple Store, Evan created and displayed a series of physical interpretations of phone applications.

left to right: Evan Desmond Yee, Ryan Matzner, Rameet Chawla, image by SoAM

The products range from things like the #NoFilter, a pair of metal glasses styled after Ray Bans; the Kaleidogram Pendant, a wearable kaleidoscope tube for your phone camera; and the iFlip, an iphone case made into an hourglass in which the sand is actually crushed up iphone e-waste.
I iFlip by Evan Desmond Yee, image by ALex Brook Lynn

The Fake Apple Store is called a Start-up. It’s indicative of the whole tech industry and how there are all these people working and creating for the convenience of the future. Start Up comes from the angle of an average consumer.

Image by Alex Brook Lynn

The show is about the future of the human race and pursuing harmonious coexistence between human and nature. The curator Evan thinks that people may become optimistic once again, because the tech improves standard of living, enabling daily tasks to become simpler. Aiming to explore the benefits tech has brought to us, he miniatures the whole tech industry and demonstrates how these people create for a promising future.

“I’m not looking to mock anything too much. I’m not necessarily making fun of Apple, rather using the aesthetic as a language so that people understand it. Tech has a visual language with everything: Samsung, Android… but Apple is more aesthetically-focused.” Evan said.

The exhibition is open from now on to Oct.13, at Gallery 151, the Collective.
Date:2015-10-03 15:26:10
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