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  • Attention! Get these certificates and promote your job in China

    Post by : expatree

Confused by too many certificates in China? Recently 211 official professional certificates in a variety of industries were announced despite not being qualified or acceptable. In other words, the remaining certificates raise attention to the public, especially the top 10 certificates. Is there any chance for expats to seek a job in China? Let’s explore it.


1. National Judicial Examination

Requirement: Candidate with bachelor degree, not limited to law major, but it is highly recommended to have a basic knowledge of law background.

Exam Time Schedule: 3rd week of September every year

Expatree Comments: Entrance to Judge, Prosecutor and Lawyer position in China as well result in high compensation. Unfortunately, this is not opened to the expat community yet. 

2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Requirement: Candidate must have accounting diploma or related professional skills background.

Exam Time Schedule: Oct. 17-18 in 2015

Expatree Comments: Lack of accountant resource is a big headache. Although the exam pass rate is not high enough, huge amounts of Chinese young professionals try to obtain this valuable certificate. For the expat community, if you already got the CPA certificate from ICAEW or Hongkong, some subject test could qualify for exemptions. 


3. Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)

Requirement: Candidate with bachelor degree or above

Exam Time Schedule: Grade 1 in June or December, Grade 2/3 in June

Expatree Comments: Good news! CFA certificate is worldwide acceptable, no matter where you get this certificate, it definitely helps to take advantage of the job interview. In case you have not obtained it, you could join the official exam in China. These exam questions are written in English.


4. China Actuary Analyst (CAA)

Requirement: 2 phases for pre-CAA and CAA. Candidate with bachelor degree or above for pre-CAA exam, and then qualified for CAA exam application.

Exam Time Schedule: 2 times in Spring and Autumn

Expatree Comments: Besides CAA, another well-known certificate authorized by North America union, SOA (Society of Actuaries) is very hot in China, and it’s recommended for expat people to get the SOA certificate instead of the CAA.


5. First Class Registered Architects

Requirement: Candidate with architecture bachelor degree, having 3 years related work experience or Candidate with architecture master degree, having 2 years related work experience.

Exam Time Schedule: In May every year

Expatree Comments: This exam is opened to the expat community as long as the candidate meets the above requirement, it’s strongly recommended to have work in a qualified company including both design and construction services.


6. First Class Registered Constructor

Requirement: Candidate with engineering or engineering economy bachelor degree or above, the duration of working experience depends on a variety of degrees such as Diploma, Bachelor, Master and Doctor.

Exam Time Schedule: Sep. 19 – Sep. 20, 2015

Expatree Comments: This certificate is always considered as a first step, heading for First Class Registered Architects after gathering enough working experience. They accept any expat candidates who meet these requirements.


7. Licensed Physicians Qualification

Requirement: Candidate with medicine bachelor degree of Chinese university, having one year related working experience includes internship in local medicine treatment or public health service institute.

Exam Time Schedule: Practical test in July every year; Paper test in September every year

Expatree Comments: For those expat candidates who studied medicine major in any Chinese university, have an equivalent condition to take part in this exam, the big challenge is the language barrier because the questions are written in Chinese. In recent years in order to develop a relationship between the doctor and patient, China would need an additional 250,000 general practitioners to fill the gap in 2020. Meanwhile it’s widely welcomed all licensed foreign physicians coming to China through one-year short term permit.


8. Licensed Teacher Qualification

Requirement: Candidate with bachelor degree

Exam Time Schedule: 2 times per year


Expatree Comments: We believe most of expats have basics of the language but to have technical vocabulary is another thing. This local certificate is not necessary but a qualified foreign teacher has an exclusive advantage in salary compensation.


9. Human Resources Professional (HRP)

Requirement: Different related working experience requirement in respect to 4 Class qualifications

Exam Time Schedule: May and November 

Expatree Comments: In China this certificate is increasingly recognized by enterprises with an obvious growing trend. Test language is a big concern that makes it hard for expat people, but for those candidates who have a good Chinese language background, it’s worth a shot. 


10. Professional Psychology Qualification

Requirement: Candidates with psychology, educational or medicine major degree

Exam Time Schedule: May and November

Expatree Comments: If you have a good Chinese knowledge it might be an alternative opportunity for your future career. Similar to HRP demanding, this kind of professional service is acceptable and drawn attention by public in recent years.

Date:2015-08-14 04:35:32
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