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  • Becoming an Expat Nurse in China

    Post by : expatree

Despite China being the second biggest economy in the world, it’s still viewed as a developing country. This is because there are more than half a million individuals living in poverty and a further 373.1 million living below the upper-middle-income poverty line. As a result, the nation’s health is diminishing, and China’s healthcare services are stretched. But this is good news if you’re an expat with a nursing degree behind you, as you’ll be able to seamlessly transition into expat life with a meaningful job in tow.

Becoming a nurse in China

If you wish to become a registered nurse in one of China’s developing cities, such as Shanghai or Bejing, you’ll need to prove that you’re serious about the role. You’ll therefore be expected to complete an internship and pass the Chinese NCLEX exam. In addition to this, you’ll be expected to speak fluent Mandarin. As 73% of the population speak Mandarin, you’re sure to come across patients who solely speak it. But that doesn’t mean you have to put your new expat life on hold while you scratch up on the language. There's a whole host of medical volunteering opportunities in the country, particularly in Bejing. Here you can offer your services to help others, including disabled individuals in care homes and orphaned children. You’ll also learn how different China’s culture and care system is in comparison to the one you’re used to, which will broaden your way of thinking and working.

What to expect

China’s biggest health concern is hypertension, according to The Lancet. Approximately, 50% of all individuals in China aged between 35 and 75 have high blood pressure, yet less than one-third of them are being treated for the condition. Hypertension is a cause for concern in poverty-stricken individuals, as it is made worse with poor diet and lifestyle choices, things which these communities are accustomed to. This means that expat nurses have the role of both treating and educating the patients they treat, while providing care to an average of 11 patients at once, according to latest figures from South China Morning Post.

Choosing to nurse in China’s developing economies

Individuals living in the wealthiest parts of China utilize the country’s private healthcare system. This means they don’t have to endure the lengthy waits poorer communities have when trying to access medical care. It might sound tempting to start your expat nursing career in such a vicinity. However, nursing jobs in these establishments are few and far between. What’s more, developing economies need expat nurses like you. The country has pledged to end poverty by 2020, but poor health and poverty is a vicious circle, which can only be knocked on the head when effective and quality care is provided.

By opting to become an expat nurse in China, you’ll utilize your skills from your old life and put them to great worth in your new home. It must also be said that China’s developing economy is a great place for expat nurses to share their skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm with the communities most in need of expert health care.
Katlyn Hope
for Expatree
Date:2019-04-12 16:55:19
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