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  • China Updates their VISA Policy

    Post by : expatree

China has now implemented a new set of rules regarding their VISA policies as well as resident permits. As usual, Expatree seeks out to inform you the advantages and little tricks concerning these new rules imposed.

D VISA (also known as the Green Card) can now be applied for given you meet the following criteria: you are a foreign expat that has worked in Shanghai continuously for 4 years, including having permanently resided in China over 6 months at a time; your salary is over 600,000RMB per year and your income tax is 120,000RMB annually; have no criminal record in China and back in the country of origin.

R VISA demands that the expat work for a company that has a valid high-tech certificate. This VISA is valid for 5 years and the great advantage is that after you have worked for 3 years you are eligible for the D VISA.

As a university student, a fresh trick if you plan to open up a business is to apply for the 2 year personal affairs resident permit S1 VISA.

For a normal foreign employee, after 2 years continuous working in shanghai with a working visa, if you don't break any China immigration laws and regulations, you can apply 5 years long term working residence permit.

5th March 2015, China has a new rule (no.78 Rule) start from Jan 2015, especially for expats who come into China to finish a short term work (less than 90 days). This is an exception as it determines what kind of situation counts as a short term working and what situation count as a short term business. Right now we can only see an outline of that rule, more details about how to process the short term working visa, it's still under discussion. 

According to the rule:

Q1: Which situation count as a short term working? (less than 90days)

- Foreigner comes to Chinese Co-operation Company to finish some technical, scientific research, management or guidance job

- Foreigner comes to Chinese sport club/organisation to have a trial (including coach and athlete)

- Foreigner comes to China for a film shooting (including advertisement film and documentary film)

- Foreigner comes to China for a fashion show (including model)

- Foreign performance (for commercial performance)

Which situation does NOT count as a short term working? (less than 90days)

- Mechanical after sales team come to China to repair, install, maintain, remove, guidance, training (Apply M visa)

- Bid Winner come to China to do the project guidance, supervision, checking (Apply M visa)

- Foreigner from head office goes to shanghai branch, representative office to have some short term work (Apply M visa)

- Foreigner comes to China to attend the sports event, including coach, athlete, team doctor, assistant etc. (Apply M visa)

- Foreigner comes to China work as a volunteer (Apply F visa)

- Foreign performance (for non-commercial performance) (Apply F visa)

1st Dec 2014: For the company legal representative, you can only get a one year employment permit compared to the previous 2 years. However, when you  renew your permit, they increase the residency to 2 years.

27th Oct 2014: For a foreigner who marries a Chinese, he/she can apply 2 years Q1 residence visa, if he/she start to work and apply the working visa, it's only 1 year. So he/she choose to work under their family Q1 visa instead of applying a working Z visa, please notice that count as illegal employment. It's very risky. As the Chinese immigration law says, if you start working, you must apply for an employment permit and working residence permit.

25th Oct 2014: The Shanghai entry-exit bureau focuses on the tourist L visa extension. In this case, they might ask you to provide more document to prove you are a real traveler, for example, hotel booking receipt, extended return flight ticket. And right now, more and more tourist visa extension application was been denied if you have lot of visa in your passport before and looks not like a normal traveler. So now, L visa extension success rate is only about 60%, while before it was almost a 95% success rate.

20th Aug 2014: If there a Chinese company (registered in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui, Beijing or Guangdong) invites you to China through Shanghai Pudong(PVG) or Hongqiao (SHA) airport, you can apply for the China visa on arrival in the Shanghai airport.

1st July 2014: if you enter China with APEC card or visa free (Japanese, Singaporean etc.). You can not apply the residence permit directly (work or family). You must enter with a paper visa pasted on your passport, then you can apply for the residence permit in Shanghai.

5th Jun 2014: all the legal representative of the company must apply the for the China employment permit (working permit) first, and then apply the residence permit. Before, the company legal representative can apply the residence permit directly without the working permit.

18th April 2014: if you hold a working residence permit issued from another city, you can also apply for the China driver license in shanghai.

1st Sept 2013: A new Chinese Visa Regulations to be implemented. According to that, it will have a lot of changes for the China visa new application (apply the visa outside of China) / extension (apply the visa in Shanghai) rules. We will keep updating our blog section on those changes. 

Please follow this topic next week where we discuss the new VISAS available to expats!

Date:2015-07-10 23:25:10
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