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  • Desensitization of the Chinese population

    Post by : expatree

What is the opposite expression of a ´silver lining´? The dark side? On the other side of the world, Brazil and other countries are enjoying the patriotic enthusiasm surrounding the FIFA World Cup 2014. While the streets also flood with many demonstrators who criticize the fortune invested on stadiums and FIFA related infrastructure when the population suffers from lack of food, clean water, and reliable transportation amongst other basic needs. Meanwhile, right here in Shanghai on metro line 1, a modern recurring tragedy has taken place.  This event occurred on the same day as the first kick-off the World Cup. A young man was slapping an old man’s face, followed by kicking in his stomach in the subway despite the man´s age and state (a beggar). It has been semi-officially reported that this young man had donated money to the old man but soon regretted his generous gestures. He asked the beggar for the money back defending himself with “a professional beggar earns quite a lot” compared to himself. This was enough reason for the young man to feel the need to beat up the old beggar.
This incident has raised many questions. The reason why the young man hurts the beggar seems ridiculous at first but on the other hand, why a “professional” beggar earns more than others is an “under the table” story. “Professional” beggar is a local reference, one not found in a typical American online Urban. “Professional beggars” as they are called, first caught the public´s attention in 2008 and soon become a disgustful target in public opinion. However, even if this old man is a “professional” beggar, does he really deserve this form of treatment? Is violence an appropriate reaction to a beggar´s success on the streets? When watching the video, one first asks why no one helps the old man or calls the police. It also shocks viewers of how violent and unsentimental people have become to others around them.
Another major incident that has recently made headlines, both national and international was the Chinese woman in Shandong who was beaten to death at McDonalds. This early 20s woman was enjoying a meal with friends when the member of alleged religious cult approached her to request her phone number. The mother of a young child refused to do so politely. For this rejection, the group deemed it appropriate to beat her repeatedly with an iron bar. This group had 6 members of which 4 of them were from the same family. The group consisted of the leader, Zhang, his two daughters, 14 year old son and two other women. All of them confessed and were arrested on the scene of the crime while the victim laid in her pool of blood under a McDonald´s table. There have been videos of this incident uploaded and one can observe the young woman being screamed at and then beaten. You also observe that most people just run outside and film the whole occurrence from behind the safety of the restaurant glass instead of calling police immediately. The woman was pronounced dead at the hospital.
Morals and values have gone down the drain in the last decade. With more violence and desensitization from the general population. All people do is talk and film the incidents, but no one truly does something to solve the issue at hand. Most people are calling on the government to address this issue and reestablish some peace on the street or the common metro line. Unfortunately, officials´ solutions follow a “short term” policy, simply put, a word it’s only guaranteed for several months but never for longer. Going back to 2007, we still remember the “Sustainable Development” policy as a priority strategy in China. This concept has however wavered over the last few. One more example, after getting amounts of critical comments and complains, TV station had to reduce TV ads release during the ongoing program and made a promise of showing the Ad countdown timer in the right top corner of screen so that the audience knows whether to switch channel, get up for a drink or just do something else. What about now? The timer has not only conducted a magic act of disappearing, but viewers now have to be subjected to endless periods of time of TV adverting.
“Who really cares about these issues?” This incident exposes the system of social darkness and injustice, also the lack of long term effective solution. In case an expat comes face to face with an unexpected incident similar to the ones mentioned, you should keep calm and removes yourself from the area. If need be, call the police and report the incident as soon as possible. Avoid overacting or being aggravated, this will only make the situation worse. Nonetheless, we hope the misfortunate of “being in the wrong place at the wrong time” won´t find you. Be safe on the streets of Shanghai!

A video shows a young man was slapping an old man’s face, followed by kicking in his stomach in the subway.

Date:2014-06-27 19:53:44
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