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  • Does expats’ attitude change towards Chinese compared to 10 years ago?

    Post by : expatree
In traditional mind on expats, well-educated, very quiet and courteous are attractive and exotic characteristics Unfortunately now a few Chinese sometimes get a bit disappointed on the gap of attitude, it sounds expats’ attitude is not “so nice” compared with several years ago.
Is it true? Or somehow a reason is behind it? We explore on this topic.

1.  A portion of the cost increase in China make expats has to afford more daily pressure. While everyone has to pay attention on him/herself to survive the life, the interactive relation to others is definitely becoming weak and negative motion is easier to be exposed. 
2.  The origin of expats background is diverse, except“3% of C-level” group, remaining new comers are added into big community and becoming the majority group. However local Chinese try to recollect the ideal benchmark, then it’s caused “normal” behavior and attitude from new expats produce the gaps compared to the high expectation.
3.  People are feeling anxious even jealous, is this because China is gradually becoming a strong competitor?” This might be a controversial reason, with no doubt, it’s not possible to 100% deny it. “Crisis awareness” makes a portion of people feeling uncomfortable, because the growth speed is faster than expected.

What's your opinion?
Date:2015-03-23 13:08:26
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