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  • Does senior position become a challenge when expats seek a job?

    Post by : expatree

Recently a comment created fierce controversy both in expats’ community and local recruiters. It says “Expats think underpaid issue for the job that they do in China compared to high quality skills and experience.” Go back to 10 years ago, it’s much easier for expats people getting satisfied paid, but now it seems localization phenomenon has risen steadily in the last 10 years leading to the unbalance of “benefit” and “contribution” among expat candidates, particularly in senior level positions.

A few supporters agreed this “underpaid” issue. While some companies are looking for skilled or experienced expat candidates but they are not willing to invest in salary package, for example one company asks for a expat candidate who has 10+ years working experience but offering 2-3 years junior talents paid. To some extent “cost-driven” is a common feature of local companies, in another word companies prefer “short term profit driven”, they are seeking those candidates who are able to contribute direct profits or existing resources. Nowadays the Chinese company owners become less and less patient on the period of return on investment (ROI).

Obviously some recruiters are not buying this and they have a different voice. To their opinions, it depends on expat candidates’ “skill” or “experience” is really good enough or saying “useful” in Chinese market.

The length of working experience is not a 100% deciding factor and this paid range comes from local market feedback. With no doubt the Chinese market is opening wider while the competition is also getting tougher, to be honest local talents have more advantage at this age. Of course, there are still opportunities for expats on condition their skills have a reasonably good fit.Flora Shi, Senior Recruitment Consultant in American Express, shared her opinions.

Local companies prefer young expat talents but the trending localization has been growing a strong sign particularly in senior level positions. For example, a local privately - owned internet company requests foreign candidates who can speak Chinese and understand Chinese culture. These are much in demand nowadays.Commented by Jun Wu, Managing Consultant in Bund Consulting.

Different to 10 years ago, the law of supply and demand changes a lot on the job market in China. Not limited to these, there are more practical tips that local HR might never divulges, and it’s strongly recommended to know that. We believe if expats' perception is on the right way then you will soon find your proper position, you are definitely a “right” one whom local companies are looking for.
Date:2015-04-18 19:42:30
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