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  • Helping Expats Branch Out - Seeking the RIGHT job and internship

    Post by : expatree
Nowadays in China only a few expats talents are very satisfied with their current jobs while many local and foreign invested companies have plenty of urgent needs of RIGHT Mr. or Mrs. to satisfy their business needs. Although there are many head hunter companies here, but none of them recruits foregin students and young professionals.

This unbalanced and embarrassing scenario makes everyone a bit confused. “What are you looking for?Expatree would like to help our users to find job/internship opportunities and talents.

No matter the companies or the individuals, they try to seek this answer. In order to answer this question we create a short questionnaire of “WISH LIST” for both, and connect each other with our best effort.

*It's recommended to open these questionnaire pages in IE or Chrome browser.


Date:2014-06-03 22:47:01
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