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  • How to Feel Comfortable as You Embrace Expat Life in China

    Post by : expatree

A whopping 600,000 expats currently live in China and 76 percent of them are generally satisfied with their expat lifestyles, based on information from Sampi. One of the keys to ensuring that expat life is as pleasant as it can be is bringing the comforts of home into a new Chinese residence. This guide will make it easier for you to feel comfortable as you embrace expat life in China. Just follow these practical tips to create an expat sanctuary that features some meaningful reminders of your home country.

Use extra disposable income for home decor

The good news is that you’ll probably need less money for monthly bills when you relocate to China, especially if you’re moving there from the USA. Food tends to be much less expensive in China than America and rent is generally much cheaper. To put things into perspective, a bottle of water in China will set you back around 30 cents, when it would cost $1.26 in America. A one-bedroom flat in a city center in China will go for roughly $450 dollars per month, versus $1000 bucks in the States.

Since you’re bound to have more disposable income, put it to work by shopping in China for furnishings, home accessories and small appliances that are more to your taste than what you had back home. The bigger cities in China, including Shanghai and Beijing, tend to cost the most, but they are typically still much less expensive than comparable USA or European cities. They may actually be over 40 percent cheaper. With more cash in your pocket, you'll be primed to create a home environment that is attractive, functional and so "you".

Order familiar items from abroad

In the Internet Age, it’s so easy to order items, such as subscription boxes, which will give you a taste of home on a monthly basis. Whether you want a subscription box that contains vegan personal care items, or supplies for a beloved pet, or anything else under the sun, you may order it online and then look forward to receiving it regularly. Treat yourself to a few of these boxes.

Sure, you can order items individually, but subscription boxes are successful because they are curated and offer the element of surprise. Choose boxes that come from your home country. You’ll love receiving these care packages. Use the items in the boxes to make your home in China a more comfortable place. Set up WeChat and AliPay accounts to connect with ease and then get exactly what you need.

Making your home comfortable, by putting familiar things all around which call to mind your home country, is one of the best ways to make expat life grand in China. You may drink in the beauty and culture of China while you’re out and about, and then return to a sanctuary that offers a welcome taste of the nation that you left behind. When you follow the tips shared today, you’ll have the best of both worlds.
Katlyn Hope
for Expatree
Date:2019-06-25 16:49:38
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