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  • How to Take Food Pics Like a PRO

    Post by : MrMeat

This is a shout-out to all those making us hungry on Instagram and WeChat Moments! Check out these 7 easy tricks to get your food pics from ordinary to extraordinary.


Disclosure: everyone will still think you are annoying when taking pics at the restaurant, but at least you will get better shots.


Use natural light (ditch the flash)

Everyone in the restaurant, including your hubby/bf, hates you when you take a picture using flash. And your pics don’t even come nice.That fake light is not doing any good to your photo, so it is about time you ditch the flash.


Natural light is the way to go, move around and try to find the best lighting. If you are not at home and moving around trying to get the perfect lighting is not an option, you can use a white napkin to improve the lighting.


Show the process

If you are taking pictures of something you cooked yourself, you can try making your photos more dynamic by showing the process (e.g. some maple syrup being poured on pancakes). This not only will make the viewers extremely hungry, but will also add a homey and welcoming feeling to the photo.You can even add some of the tools you used at the background.


Have something in the background

It is a good idea to add one or two objects in the picture –that is, objects that are related to the dish such as the tools or instruments you used when cooking the dish or maybe some of the ingredients. This helps the food pop-out in the picture. Just make sure you don’t overcrowd the space because then you will achieve the opposite effect.


Take the accidents to your advantage

You can find some charm among the mess, or give it a more rustic style. Just think it this way, no one wants to attempt to cook somethingthat looks perfect. If your dish is impeccable, your viewers might feel the task is too daunting to undertake it themselves. A bit of a mess, might make the recipe more approachable to the viewer. You can even create the "accidents" on purpose.


Focus and framing

If you tap on the screen of your smartphone, you can select which area you want to be in focus. Try playing with that and focusing on certain areas while leaving other blurry. Don’t stop after the first few shots, keep trying different focuses and angles, and you can pick your favorite photo later.


Feed the viewer

A good way to add some dimension to your pictures is by showing the viewer how the first bite looks like. Just grab your fork/ spoon/ chopstick/ fingers and feed the camera with the most delicious and appetizing bite.  


Don’t let food sit for too long

The first reason is obvious, you don’t want to eat a cold meal. But even if you don’t mind eating a cold steak (or whatever it is thatyou are taking pics of), you should not let the food sit too long on the dish. It looks best when it is freshly cooked.

Remember that moment when you get to China and discover Instagram is blocked?!

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Date:2016-08-17 16:05:04
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