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  • I CAN! Life Skills Tournament Recap

    Post by : expatree
The M&Y group is proud to present the first I CAN! Life Skills Tournament, focused on the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. It was successfully held in Yew Chung International School of Shanghai, Central Park Campus, last Sunday with over 100 parents and special guests and 8 teams of students from various schools and countries.
The goal of the tournament was to bring awareness and boost critical thinking among the next generations by developing Life Skills and taking actions to make an impact, reaching the four Sustainable Development Goals we focused on: Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Quality Education and Climate Action Goals.

The M&Y team believes that developing right skills at the young age will form authentic character and wholesome personality that will lead to successful life.

Margarita and Yuliana, founders of The M&Y group, both went through leadership programs as kids. Having experienced the positive results of personal development education, they felt the urge to share it and made it the focus of their careers.

The M&Y group
Over the last years, The M&Y group has developed a number of key programs with the focus on personal development, such as Life Skills courses for kids and parents, Life Skills League, Life Skills Weekend Club, Teachers Trainings, LifeSkills4Me Gatherings and Workshops, Life Skills Mindset programs, I CAN! Life Skills Tournament, as well as a series of Theatrical Storytelling books and Life Skills study books.
Date:2017-11-15 17:25:39
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