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  • Lately, the world has had less patience for the local Chinese hasn’t it?

    Post by : expatree

You might know about the big confrontation that occured in Hongkong on March 8, 2015. This conflict between the Chinese mainland consumers and the Hongkong residents is leading to the topic of “smuggled goods purchase” phenomenon. Individuals, even against the easy policy of “tourism visa permit” for mainland consumers shopping in Hongkong. A massive demonstration triggered on February 8, 2015 and has escalated to other group collisions twice. Unfortunately, plenty of innocent victims, particularly for normal Chinese visitors, even a few Hongkong local consumers, were verbally abused in this incident.

Go back to mainland China, we frequently hear the following kind of complaints from local Chinese: “Compared to 10 years ago, western people did not have such a negative attitude towards us.” Of course it’s not fair to give a definite positive or negative answer to this question, but somehow there is a reason behind it.

The big difference should be a portion of the cost increase in China. We believe most expats are coming to China for one of the main reasons of lower cost and great amounts of opportunities. However this feature is gradually losing its advantage, all kinds of cost such as financial and non-financial are becoming a heavy pressure on expats’ life. A simple example, the rental cost of a well-condition expats family villa was approximately 10,000 RMB per month; but now it is soaring up to 40,000 RMB even more. More examples of a Shanghaiese family cost review (2013-2014), it’s estimated that the cost is 18,700 RMB per month in total against 12,000 RMB revenue before tax by a couple with 1-2 years working experience.(referenece: Costs Tell You) Not limited to financial aspects, lack of proper service support for expats demand is also a headache, because almost suppliers are offering in a narrow category, and no one is interested in the growing niche market for expats.(referenece: expats report of 2014)

How about expats people themselves? As far as we can recall, there were few expats moving to China 10 years ago, we called them “3%”. These people had already satisfied jobs in their home country, and then they were relocated. The nomination was limited to the C-level corporate position in a company. Time goes back today, the origin of expats background is diverse, students, self-employer, unemployed job seeker, new business developer etc. are added into this big community. Different thoughts and culture values make standard value and statistics more complicated. A challenge question is raised, “People are feeling anxious and being less kind to the Chinese locals, is this because China is gradually becoming a strong competitor?” We believe this opinion will bring a drastic argument, both true and false opinions are expected. At this moment we leave this question open to the public, we welcome all comments on this topic.

If we need a word to describe “China”, it has definitely a variety of answers. No matter it’s positive or negative aspect, economic and political reform continues ongoing, and the overall achievement is acceptable by expats compared to other developing countries.

Video: A mother with a daughter is arguing with Hongkong activists
Date:2015-03-14 13:01:19
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