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If you hate someone, ask him to open Taobao shop read more
Jun-27th-2017 | Post by expatree

If you love someone, ask him to open Taobao shop; If you hate someone, also ask him to open Taobao shop. This Chinese jingle becomes quite popular because it epitomizes the struggle of e-commerce experience from amounts of small to medium company entrepreneurs. As two of main domestic e-commerce platforms in China, “Taobao” and “Tmall” under Alibaba group, both meet a bottleneck and starting slow down growth rate in recent years. It makes sense why Jack Ma is seeking a new opportunity of e-commerce booming place, for example opening an e-commerce conference with 3000 small to medium company entrepreneurs in Detroit, US.

With no doubt Jack Ma with Alibaba group opens a new age of e-commerce lifestyle to Chinese people, it has changed the way of shopping behavior and improved technology development in payment, logistics and cloud computing service etc. Everything is happened just within 20 years, we are proud of this miracle. However nowadays more an
A Joke? Have you ever met “Wechat Threat”? read more
Jun-13th-2017 | Post by expatree
Similar to WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook, Wechat in China connects people to make easier online communication through a big social networking. To our surprised, recently a Chinese university student, with a “creative” idea, tried to threaten a food shop owner by taking advantage of wechat group. The story seems dramatic,
-    A student claimed via wechat he has more than 10 university wechat groups, means 5000 people in total, not limited to this, 2500 of 2750 his wechat friends are studying  or working in university. By taking advantage of numerous “relationship”, he proposed to send an advertising in these groups, and pushed shop owner to pay 3000 RMB for this promotion service.

Image: Student claimed he has amounts of connections in wechat
-    Not getting an immediate “positive” response from shop owner, this student started a verbal threat and requested a clear “Yes or No” reply bef
Calm down! Never too late to secure expats yourself read more
May-2nd-2017 | Post by expatree
Recently several shocking foreign news are constantly headlined in Chinese medias and gets amounts of public attention. One incident is “French police smashed the door in and shot a Chinese man, who spoke little French, had gone to the door holding a pair of scissors he had been using to prepare fish”; another is “United Airlines passenger Dr David Dao was violently dragged off overbooked flight”. Obviously we discover more or less intercultural conflicts behind the fact.
People bring with them different sets of culturally constructed perspectives toward appropriate behavior. With this in mind, it is no surprise that conflict and disputes exist when communicating across cultures.
Sadly only a few people can absolutely manage intercultural conflict in an unexpected situation, not limited to foreign countries, some expat related incidents were reported in China during the past years.
- In 2012, a foreign male had been in
Magic New Retail in China, Go to Market or Hell? read more
Mar-22nd-2017 | Post by expatree

One stone can make waves. Recently one explosive news were headlined by different Chinese Medias and the news spread out rapidly amongst the Chinese people. It’s officially announced that Alibaba group hands with Bailian retail group to consolidate data integration from online to offline, in means that the first step is to penetrate Chinese physical retail industry with a perspective ambition.
Influenced by “Amazon Go” self-service supermarket rising up, Chinese physical retail is exploring a road of innovation, meanwhile trying to get rid of a negative effect of e-commerce flourish. Coincidentally Chinese government shows a strong signal, the State Counsel has issued a bulletin in November 2016 aimed at fostering the New Retail in China, with the emphasis of customer experience innovations and integrated on-line and off-line services.
However all of us has to face a big question of how it should look like in “New Retail”? With no doubt this
New Update: 4 Types of Visa for Internship in China read more
Mar-10th-2017 | Post by Setinchina

If you are considering an internship in China, you will need to think what kind of visa you need to have for the internship. Here I listed 4 types of visas for undergraduates and graduates from local Chinese university or abroad universities and for a Special group of students “ French” to do internship in China.

TYPE 1 - For Fresh graduates from local university(Shanghai).

On 17th July 2016, According to the new policy from Shanghai Labor Bureau, for the new working visa application, the students are request to provide original 2+ years working reference letter instead of the copy. On 1st May 2016, to attract more foreign talents to work in Shanghai, Shanghai  Labor Bureau provides a preferential policy for fresh graduated foreign student, even he/she didn't have 2 years working experience (the minimum requirement for China working visa before), if they reach following conditions, they can still apply for the working permit and visa here in shanghai directly .

- M
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