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Magic New Retail in China, Go to Market or Hell? read more
Mar-22nd-2017 | Post by expatree

One stone can make waves. Recently one explosive news were headlined by different Chinese Medias and the news spread out rapidly amongst the Chinese people. It’s officially announced that Alibaba group hands with Bailian retail group to consolidate data integration from online to offline, in means that the first step is to penetrate Chinese physical retail industry with a perspective ambition.
Influenced by “Amazon Go” self-service supermarket rising up, Chinese physical retail is exploring a road of innovation, meanwhile trying to get rid of a negative effect of e-commerce flourish. Coincidentally Chinese government shows a strong signal, the State Counsel has issued a bulletin in November 2016 aimed at fostering the New Retail in China, with the emphasis of customer experience innovations and integrated on-line and off-line services.
However all of us has to face a big question of how it should look like in “New Retail”? With no doubt this
New Update: 4 Types of Visa for Internship in China read more
Mar-10th-2017 | Post by Setinchina

If you are considering an internship in China, you will need to think what kind of visa you need to have for the internship. Here I listed 4 types of visas for undergraduates and graduates from local Chinese university or abroad universities and for a Special group of students “ French” to do internship in China.

TYPE 1 - For Fresh graduates from local university(Shanghai).

On 17th July 2016, According to the new policy from Shanghai Labor Bureau, for the new working visa application, the students are request to provide original 2+ years working reference letter instead of the copy. On 1st May 2016, to attract more foreign talents to work in Shanghai, Shanghai  Labor Bureau provides a preferential policy for fresh graduated foreign student, even he/she didn't have 2 years working experience (the minimum requirement for China working visa before), if they reach following conditions, they can still apply for the working permit and visa here in shanghai directly .

- M
About a Japanese questionnaire… read more
Feb-10th-2017 | Post by expatree

One Japanese airline company ever did a simple questionnaire collection.

They firstly asked kids to write down a favorite travelling place and they got the answers such as Okinawa, Mount Fuji, Hokkaido, Hot Spring and so on. Then they placed a secret gift on the table, a “Magic Ticket”, flying to anywhere in the world by simply writing down name in the ticket. Unfortunately there are only two tickets available, it’s restricted to “One ticket per person” policy means it always lacks of one ticket in order to cover all family members.

It’s very interesting to observe kids’ reaction, those parents who stay in a hidden room with a big question of “If kids will ask me to stay here, not going?” 

Actually the result is a bit surprised to everyone. One boy began rubbing out the name and said “Next time I will use my pocket money to buy another ticket then going with parents.” Another girls finally gave up by saying
The Chinese lucky packets from hometown? Do you want to collect these? read more
Jan-18th-2017 | Post by expatree
Following Chinese tradition and custom, hong bao (Mandarin), another named red envelopered packetlai see (Cantonese) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby. The amount of money contained in the envelope usually ends with an even digit, in accordance with Chinese beliefs; odd-numbered money gifts are traditionally associated with funerals. Not limited to this, such as amount figure in 40, 400 and 444 is always forbidden because the pronunciation in Mandarin is homophonous to the word death.
The online virtual ‘Hong bao’ was born in 2014 by Wechat, a mobile application developed  by company Tencent. This application offers users the ability to provision deposited money in the form of virtual 'credits' to other users of the application. There are two types of ‘Hong bao’  which are the regular one as well as the lucky d
Social Cloud is opening in Italy read more
Jan-3rd-2017 | Post by socialcloud
Social Cloud China, Italian PR and marketing company based in China, as part of a commercial expansion will open a new branch in Italy (Catania), on March 2017.

The Italian company will represent a new marketing and communication benchmark for Italian brand in Asia and Asian brands and not in Italy, with the support, for import and export and sale offline and online of the business development company L3 with branches in Milan, Florence, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The company was formed in China in 2014 by Italian journalist Ambra Schillirò (daughter of the late journalist Nuccio Schillirò) and the Milanese entrepreneurs Mattia Visconti and Marco Bettio, already owners of an events agency in China and several Italian restaurants in Asia.

In China, the Marketing and PR company stood out, along with the sister event company MVP, for communication in gastronomy and fashion field. Among past and present customers and partners we can find Lucano, Levi's, Peuterey, Outback, Ce
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