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Finally, Uber China has to be compromised with capital game read more
Aug-5th-2016 | Post by expatree
The big news that Uber China eventually agrees to accept a buyout proposal by Didi (滴滴), a local taxi calling application. Before Didi has absorbed another local competitor, Kuaidi (快滴), now it turns to be in charge of all Uber business service in China. This story becomes true even if two companies always denied this kind of rumor several months ago. To our opinion this is a vivid lesson telling an embarrassed picture of problems foreign innovative companies now face in China. Of course, this results in a diversity of mixed public opinion.

Obviously a few Uber staffs are not excited with this merger anymore, quoted from some staffs saying, We are young and we eager to win this battle. But sadly they have not tried all efforts by chance suddenly have to accept a final result. In most public mindset, Uber always gives “out of box” surprise rather than other competitors, no matter in marketing promotion, or in user experience of product aspects. E
Tax changed in Cross-border e-Commerce of China, nightmare or new opportunity? read more
Jul-27th-2016 | Post by expatree

Since April 8, 2016 new tax rate of Cross-border e-Commerce brought amounts of public attention, the hottest topic is “more expensive or cheaper” has to be paid for cross-border products. Because “50 RMB tax free” is cancelled, this perks disappear means lower unit price suddenly becomes a disadvantage that no one would buy it. Generally speaking the actual payment affected by new tax rate, still depends on product category. Simply put a word, there is a comparison table for a reference,

First of all, a whole picture of retail pricing in cross border ecommerce platform is changed from low to high level, it’s estimated average 15% to 50% increase at each product. Take advantage of old tax benefit, FMCG products such as baby formula, baby diapers and low-end cosmetics etc. occupied most market share, short product lifecycle and high repurchase rate generate huge visit traffic, results in higher GMV sales volume compared to other product categories. However,
Your summer body starts in the KITCHEN! read more
Jul-21st-2016 | Post by MrMeat

Many believe that sport is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Even though they are not wrong, it is important to note that diet also has a great influence.


Rules for a healthy lifestyle

These are some common rules to follow for a healthy lifestyle. But remember:


Drink plenty of water:Water not only helps you stayhydrated, but also allows you to clean the toxins in your body.


Get enough ZZZs:You need to get proper sleep in order to beenergized and refreshed and also to let your muscles and skin heal. Moreover, lackof sleep is linked to a higher level of a hormone called ghrelin, which isresponsible for weight gain.


Get sweaty every day:This one is pretty basic, exerciseregularly is a must for a healthy lifestyle.


Don’t skip you breakfast!Breakfast is the most importantmeal of the day. Make sure you don’t skip it, or any other meal actually.Skipping meals is counterproductive. Don’t starve yourself, just try to makemore healthy choices when eating.

Interesting Question? Tmall or Tmall Global, who is a representative of China e-commerce to world? read more
Jul-8th-2016 | Post by expatree
In China Alibaba group shows the strength on B2C e-commerce retail business thanks to his online weapon, and these two platforms. Take advantage of the benefits of cross-border e-commerce policy by China government, Alibaba soon built up another online platform, “Tmall Global” towards to worldwide audience. Not satisfied with the domestic leadership, a bigger ambition shows Alibaba is trying to connect the world and get occupied oversea market share as much as possible.
Unfortunately Tmall Global’s current achievement is below public expectation although Alibaba did a huge advertising investment on both local and foreign market. “Local registered entity is not required in China” such kind of idea sounds interesting for foreign brand supplier to have a tryout, but Tmall Global still faces a big challenge issue, in additional to the ambiguity fact data on its sales performance, not transparency at all. On the other hand, compared
The “Know-it-all” Rib Eye Guide read more
Jun-22nd-2016 | Post by MrMeat

Rib Eye 1.0: The Basics

Other names: Entrecôte, Delmonico, Scotch fillet, Spencer steak, Beauty steak, Bife ancho, Rib steak (bone-in), Cowboy steak (bone-in)

 Where it's from: Upper ribcage, ribs #6-12. Rib eyes are basically a prime rib or standing rib roast cut down into individual steaks.

What it looks like: Lots of fat marbling. The middle (central eye) has a finer grain while the outer section is looser and fattier.

 What it tastes like: Super beefy, juicy, and flavorful.


Existential questions of a Rib eye lover


#1: Grass-fed or Grain-fed?

The main differences between grain-fed and grass-fed beef lay on the cattle diet and roaming:

The factors mentioned above affect the flavor of the meat. Grain-fed beef has a higher content in fat, which translates in a fattier and aromatic beef. On the contrary grass-fed beef is a little bit chewier and has a stronger beef taste.

#2: Steaks or whole piece

For steaks:

This is a matter of preference and it’s totally arb

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