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Warm it up with the best - Flotzinger Brau! read more
Nov-30th-2015 | Post by auba


You might ask yourself if it is a right choice to keep drinking beer while the outside temperature goes down. The answer is YES! Beer lovers can breathe freely - winter is not a reson for you to stop enjoying the beer. The only advice - go dark. Dark beers taste same good cold or warm. Sitting at home in your cosy chair or hanging out with the friends at the bar - there is nothing better than to feel how beer fills your body with warm.

可能你会问自己:“外面温度越来越低,继续喝啤酒是否有理的选择?”回答就!啤酒爱好者会自由呼吸 - 冬天不是能让你停止喝啤酒的原因。我们只有一个建议 - 选黑啤酒。黑啤酒不管冷或热风味都丰富。没有比感到啤酒让你身体温暖的感觉更好。



A lot of breweries and organizers are holding beer festivals during these chilli days. One might say that there is no fun in that, but we strongly disagree. The beer is flowing and there is usually some kind of heat source for beer lovers to gather around and chat.



If you still hesitate, there is one more interesting th

No idea of WOFE? Read it! read more
Nov-7th-2015 | Post by expatree
China’s rapidly expanding economy and vast population has made it one of the world’s most attractive markets for business expansion. Today, more and more foreign individuals and entities want to establish company in China. However, how to start? Is there any limitation or requirement on investor? How much will it cost?.....

In this article Expatree would like to introduce the main issues regarding establishing a wholly foreign owned enterprise (WFOE) in China for entrepreneur's information.

Ⅰ. Documents and information required to apply for a WFOE
-- If the WFOE is invested by a foreign individual:
• Proposed company names in Chinese;
• Passport copy and original passport (if the investor never visit China before, also needs to provide the notarial certificate of his/her passport);
• Bank confirmation letter issued by the investor's foreign personal bank;

-- If the WFOE is invested by a foreign company:
• Proposed company names in Chinese;
A Noble Prize reward meets 200 millions wedding read more
Oct-23rd-2015 | Post by expatree

Several weeks ago, 2 events drew amounts of public attention, Tu Youyou, an unknown Chinese medical scientist, received the 2015 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine. She is the first Chinese Nobel laureate in physiology or medicine as well as in natural sciences. Another pair of public figures also drew attention, actor Huang xiaoming and actress Angelababy held their wedding in Shanghai, it was reported that their luxury wedding cost around 200 millions RMB.

Tu can only afford to buy a half of a living room in Beijing by using award amount and only a few media reported this great contribution and historic occasion. It's ironic that a celebrity’s luxury wedding attracted most of the Chinese media at that moment. This is alarming that the population prioritizes a celebrity wedding over a Nobel Prize winner from China.

“Compared to these actor and actress, Tu was being paid what we considered a derisory amount of money.”

We don't wholly agr

Get Facts: Do you hear about Fibromyalgia? read more
Oct-10th-2015 | Post by expatree

Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread body aches and pain. It is accompanied by other key symptoms such as fatigue, non restorative sleep cognitive problems and somatic complains.
The patient usually described a history of generalized pain, a constant dull ache that spreads over the body lasting more than 3 months, and other general physical symptoms including fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep disorders, waking unrefreshed, and cognitive (memory or thought) problems where patient have difficulties to focus, pay attention, and concentrate on mental tasks. There are often other pain complains associated, which can includes muscle knots, headaches and cramps.
Very often, these patients have seen many physicians and could not get a diagnosis to their symptoms as the investigations performed are essentially normal. They are stressed and drained both mentally and emotionally, often wondering if all the pain and symptoms are from their mind or own imagina
A Fake Apple Store in the Coolest NYC Office read more
Oct-3rd-2015 | Post by expatree
The snack wall at The Fueled Collective, image by Daniel Goodman/Business Insider

The Fueled Collective, located in New York SoHo business district, is an area of 18000 square feet of luxurious office space. The Collective was founded by Rameet Chawla and Ryan Matzner as a new business to foster a collaboration among startups by offering a communal workspace.

Holding 130 people, the Fueled Collective has invited 20 of the most interesting startups. As soon as you enter the space, you feel yourself refreshed. It is so crazy that the Collective has a snack wall inside, full of candy, drinks, pies, etc. You do not have to be chained to your desk to get your work done, but you also don’t have to have a meeting at the traditional council table, because there’re comfortable couches and long chairs all over. Actually, it is often regarded as the coolest office in NYC.

The Fueled Collective is the coolest office as it a fake Apple Store. But what is “ Fake Apple Store”?
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