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Big News! Changes in Shanghai Free Trade Zone read more
Sep-18th-2015 | Post by visashanghai
Starting from May 2015, Shanghai government bodies revised the restricted industries list for foreign investors and made it applicable for Free Trade Zone (FTZ). Amendments made to current list not considered as major change but a revision of 2014 initiatives. Below industries outlines information where foreign investors are treated different than those domestic companies. However, there are number of changes where we think could include various opportunities for new investors and now extended to the three new FTZs

Agriculture in General
 - Agriculture, crop seeds, fishery and animal husbandry is a critical subject and remains sensitive to Chinese citizens. Fishing in certain waters is due to approval from Chinese   government.

Mining, Natural Resources and Exploitation
 -All initiatives needs to be approved by concerned government bodies.
 -Oil and Gas exploitation needs to be contractual or joint venture with a Chinese partner

Other Sources/Materials
Digital World in China, now and future? read more
Sep-17th-2015 | Post by expatree

Digital, Social and Mobile Media have shown no signs of slowing down in the future of China. To begin with, here are some headlines you need to be aware of:

Internet Users: 668 million, a 6% year-on-year increase
Social Media Users: 659 million – more than the USA and Europe combined
Unique Mobile Users: 675 million, responsible for 1.3 billion mobile subscriptions
Mobile Internet Users: 594 million, accounting for 89% of all China’s internet user
Mobile Social Media Users: 574 million, up 15 million since this time last year

The year-on-year growth rates tell interesting stories too.

Internet in China

Roughly 100,000 people in China started using the internet every day over the past year – that’s more than one every second. Much of this growth is being driven by improved mobile access, with close to 90% of the country’s netizens using mobile devices to access the internet. It’s worth noting that this is often in addition to PC-based usage too, but an

What you need to know when you plan on visiting Tibet pt.2 read more
Sep-3rd-2015 | Post by expatree

This week, we wrap up on what else you need to know when you plan on visiting Tibet!

Food and Drinks

The traditional Tibetan diet is mostly limited to barley, meat (mutton or yak) and dairy products, with very few spices or vegetables, although brutally hot chili sauce is often served on the side. Even good Tibetan food is very monotonous with most Tibetan restaurants serving nothing other than thukpa (noodle soup) and tea. Unfortunately there is not a single genuine high standard Tibetan restaurant in Tibet. One would have to go to neighbouring provinces such as Sichuan for such type of restaurant. All Tibetan restaurants in Lhasa featured in guidebooks and frequented by non-Chinese tourists are westernized ones serving a few Tibetan dishes along with pizzas, spaghetti, pancakes, etc.


Traditional plates:

Momos - dumplings filled with meat or vegetables, steamed or fried

Tingmo - bland, nearly tasteless steamed bread

Thukpa - a hearty noodle soup with veggies or meat

Thenthuk -

What you need to know when you plan on visiting Tibet read more
Aug-28th-2015 | Post by expatree

Are you planning on visiting Tibet anytime soon? Well take sometime to read through a basic introduction of what you need to keep in mind when planning. Permits, tours, accomodation and even food are not what you expect. To best enjoy Tibet, you need to plan and prepare for what you will encounter in this beautiful land. Expatree hopes to have helped you getting better acquainted with the customs of visiting Tibet.

- Are you authorised to tour Tibet freely?

This is not permitted. If you plan to visit Tibet, be prepared to have a private tour or be part of a group tour. Before 2008, although a rarity, there were some free tours, however, all persons must be accompanied and have to go through various check points. This is for security reasons especially in the outskirts of Lhasa.

- How much tour freedom do I really have?

When visiting tour points in Tibet, you have to be accompanied by a tour guide but if you are relaxing for the day, you are permitted to be alone. There are very clear rule

Attention! Get these certificates and promote your job in China read more
Aug-14th-2015 | Post by expatree

Confused by too many certificates in China? Recently 211 official professional certificates in a variety of industries were announced despite not being qualified or acceptable. In other words, the remaining certificates raise attention to the public, especially the top 10 certificates. Is there any chance for expats to seek a job in China? Let’s explore it.


1. National Judicial Examination

Requirement: Candidate with bachelor degree, not limited to law major, but it is highly recommended to have a basic knowledge of law background.

Exam Time Schedule: 3rd week of September every year

Expatree Comments: Entrance to Judge, Prosecutor and Lawyer position in China as well result in high compensation. Unfortunately, this is not opened to the expat community yet. 

2. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

Requirement: Candidate must have accounting diploma or related professional skills background.

Exam Time Schedule: Oct. 17-18 in 2015

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