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Where does my money go in Shanghai? The little costs that slowly eat away at your wallet read more
Mar-13th-2014 | Post by expatree

- “Do you often do your shopping at a shopping mall in Shanghai?”
- ”Not often, it’s kind of expensive.”
- “Never, I prefer to go shopping in Hong Kong when I am there for holiday.”
Well, perhaps these two responses have become the standard answer to this question. We have also found that 90% of expats admit that the higher pricing leads to a hesitation in buying a product and often they give up on buying it at all. People have come to realize that “Made in China” is not “Cheaper” anymore, while the cost of living is continuously breaking the top record but the value of “1 RMB” currency depreciates to nothing. How come? In the macro-aspect, we might hear the increased labor and manufacture cost etc., on the other hand, do you know the price structure of a particular product? We pick up several daily products for expats, and explore the answer of “Where does my money go?”

Books: This example r
Help! I need a taxi! read more
Feb-20th-2014 | Post by expatree

Do you feel lost when time comes to catch a taxi or even know which taxi is actually legitimate and safe? Do not despair, because we will break down this hectic procedure as well as provide you with the information you will ever need. Taxis are in fact the fastest and easiest way to travel around the big city of Shanghai. Moreover, Shanghai has the most expensive taxis compared to any of the other Chinese cities. There are more than 50,000 taxis speeding through the streets every day and it is important that you do catch one of these then the alternative “black” taxis.
How to avoid catching a “black” taxi? Firstly, the dashboard of the taxi will have a vacancy disk indicating whether it is available or not. If it is available, the following characters will be lighted up in green: - 空车 . If it is busy, there will be no disk informing you of its availability. A registered and official taxi will have a taxi registration number along with the driver&rsqu
A Complete Solution for China M and X2 Visa read more
Jan-18th-2014 | Post by expatree

Since the new visa policy was released from September last year, the headache expats get is not just about the restricted regulation but also the complicated conditions which make them even more confused. For instance, for less than a year of short term stay in China, whether you are a student or a business man, the best visa solution should be either M business visa or X2 short term study visa.
As we all know, M visa took the place of the former F business visa. Unfortunately, M visa has already been considered a sign of an "exclusive product" so that most expats could only get 30 days max when they are coming to China with M visa. But sometimes you may hear someone who successfully got a 2 or 3-month visa permit and you might be jealous and try to look for a “secret”. From our opinion, obtaining a longer duration of visa permit depends on some factors. For example the amount of invested capital of the company (or employer) who offered you an invitation l
Expats in China are targeted? Survive the most unexpected incidents read more
Dec-13th-2013 | Post by expatree
Beijing Foreigner Extorted After Running Into Chinese Woman?” This news is headlined on several public medias and presses these days. It has caught the attention of most of the expats within the Chinese community. In fact, the urgency of this situation has changed looking back from the first issue till now. One could even call it dramatic.
On Dec. 2 around 10:40, a Chinese woman suddenly fell while passing by a foreign young man riding a motor scooter. This man tried to help up this fallen middle-age woman, but instead of receiving a thank you, he was grabbed by this woman claiming that she was hit by this man. She went on to demand for 1800 RMB due to the injured leg to cover her medical costs.
- One photographer released photos he had taken on site, and gave some comments on this “true story.” Almost immediately after, similar videos and comments began to spread and the media reported online forums accusing the woman of trying to sca
Super Exam Factory’s Prospect: China says “No”, but USA says “Yes”? read more
Nov-28th-2013 | Post by expatree

      2011 graduate showed all exam papers written in the high school, it’s 2.41 meters tall. Image from
Recently, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) released an official report highlighting the importance of worldwide educational performance. Compared with other countries, the features of examination-oriented education system in China is quite impressive. In all ages, local children have to accept participating in various intensive tutorial classes. The reason behind the excess classes are parents and teachers who expect these children to obtain as many skills as they can in order to be better equipped for the competitive future. Therefore, it is not surprising to come across a student who is literally dragging a suitcase already to a primary school.
Proud of the splendid success of hundreds of students being accepted via the entrance exam by Tsinghua University, Peking University, and Hong Kong Univ
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