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How easy is it for an expat to acquire a job in Shanghai? Tips that HR never divulge! read more
Oct-11th-2013 | Post by expatree

We believe more or less that most expats have had the experience of seeking a job at a fair or have asked an agency for help. Some are lucky enough to succeed while others struggle before their VISA expires. It has been reported that 90% of expats have complained due to the misconception of their first job offer in Shanghai, especially for younger expat generation. Compared to 10 years ago, not only have the skyscrapers raced toward the skies, but so has the competitive level for job opportunities for expats. In our memory, there were few expats moving to Shanghai, we called them “3%”. These people had already satisfied jobs in their home country, and then they were relocated to Shanghai, helping their home companies to develop business in the Chinese market. The nomination was limited to the C-level corporate position in a company. Time goes back today, besides those 3%, the rest “97%” among expat group includes students, self-employers, unemployed job
Issues Expats Face on a Daily Basis in China, Same for You? read more
Sep-5th-2013 | Post by expatree

For everyone, moving somewhere new is a big challenge. However, moving by yourself or with your family to a new, strange and different country can be even harder. Being an expat in a country that has vast cultural differences, you may find you ask yourself ‘why did I come here?’ That question will be answered over time as you settle in your new lifestyle and adapt to changes you may face.

Loneliness can be a big issue for expats relocating to foreign countries. As the individual has moved for their job, they leave family and friends back in their native land. However, rather than staying in alone night by night, it is important that you form friendships with other people around you. This can be done by attend functions hosted through the company in order to socialize with work colleagues and get to know other people.
Making connections is imperative in order to branch out and meet more people. Other sources of meeting people would be to attend events throug
1 RMB = ? Saying “CHEAP” in the two worlds: “China, Do not push me to leave you” read more
Aug-1st-2013 | Post by expatree

More or less expats often exclaim how cheap they had a meal in a local restaurant, to their opinion a few dozen yuan (rmb) does not mean “expensive” against the price in the home countries, however most Chinese locals cannot agree that. Ironically when Chinese locals were racing to scramble for a nearly 90,000 RMB license plate only for their new cars, almost expats were surprised and sneered at this behavior. No matter how the incident is “unbelievable” or “ridiculous”, it shows a huge value gap in the two worlds. Recently, a Chinese short message “China, Do not push me to leave you” logged thousands of views on the weibo, and it illustrated a comparison of daily cost against monthly salary between China and United State.
A Chinese student studying in US gave us some examples, $9.9 “Cross” shoes, $39.9 “Levis” jeans and $30 “Tommy Hilfiger” T-shirt, these same products in China, now it’s
Expat Residence and Housing in Shanghai – decades of “International Community” history read more
Jul-19th-2013 | Post by expatree

Most expats are familiar with residence areas in commercial CBD of Shanghai, for example Hongqiao, Jing’an, Xujiahui, People’s Square districts and so on. Especially for individuals, they like to settle close to work, shopping center even an airport. On the other hand families in a particular appreciate renting area we called villa, another name called “International Community”. Along with more and more expats prefer this free-standing townhouse idea and it continues to attract expatriates living inside, now the old communities have nearly reached saturation. When we realized there are no enough renting houses from old communities, such a question “Do we have a new choice of proper residence after that?” has become a new concern for the new expats.
Before we give an introduction on old and new communities, let’s make a clear definition of “International Community”. Simply put a word, in a physical compound people are living a
Advertising, can it get any crazier? read more
Jun-27th-2013 | Post by expatree

"Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage, persuade or manipulate an audience. This audience can exist of viewers, readers or listeners. Sometimes this can also be a specific targeted group. This action is being taken to continue or to take some new action." This is at least how it is defined by Wikipedia. Now in the international city, Shanghai, if we take a look at some recent developing in the advertising branch it is not hard to see that advertising is becoming more and more out there. A bit overgrowth, maybe?

Taxi, Subway, Bus, Office building, Elevator, Mobile phone except traditional channels, these places  have become a new stage for advertising with special favor. User was already tired of opening an external "unknown" page through the ads on the website, now the nightmare gets even worse and various ads directly jump into your eyes no matter where you are.

When the publishers are trying to deliver ads as much as poss
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