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Idiosyncratic behavior in China...? read more
Jun-20th-2013 | Post by expatree

It seems that globalization is still far away from our life, especially in China. As everyone is aware of, we have to cross the traffic light when it turns green and wait when it is red. But, now there is a new way of crossing, no matter if it is green or red, it is always safe to follow a group of jaywalkers while crossing the road. If this is your first time to hear such outrageous behavior, you might be shocked with an open mouth. Unfortunately this is the fact and it cannot be hidden, even “the fact” is forbidden in Chinese traffic rules. It is very sad to hear some comments from expats when they are questioned regarding their “First impression of China”, however the “Chinese&nbs
“I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle” read more
May-31st-2013 | Post by expatree

Morals and values, an element which seems to be of absent these days. Whether you’re flushing a 2 day old baby down the toilet or taking off with the deposit of 55 couples who want to get married. No! No conscience or guilt present, not one bit! The only thing that is present though is wealth. Financial wealth that is. As the famous phrase goes, “It is better to cry in a BMW than to laugh on a bicycle”. Because who in hell wants to be really happy, value the things that are of worth valuing and at the same time be less financial secured. Happiness, joy, being loved, perhaps a hug every once in a while. It sounds nice but naa i’ll have your credit card instead honey, than I can buy all of these things.

It is often said that people who encourage this ideology are the ones who failed to be successful in life. Success is measured in this case by owning an apartment and how many square feet it is. Have I forgotten to mention a sizable bank account and of c
"Chinese Dama" winner first round vs Powerhouse Goldman Sachs! read more
May-10th-2013 | Post by expatree

“Chinese mother investors beat Wall Street tycoons in gold buying”
“A war between financial powerhouse Goldman Sachs vs. Chinese Dama”

Lately these titles are already headlined in various media and newspapers.

Once the Chinese community got wind of the price of gold having dropped, Chinese investors, mostly mothers, swallowed 300 tons of gold within 10 days and had spent 100 billion yuan in gold market. Looking further on who the Final Winner might be between these giant corporations, as incredible as it might be, it is at this point however irrelevant. The question that should be asked is: ‘’what is the underlying motivation that drives these ‘’Chinese Dama’’ to act with this kind of behavior’’?
“Chinese Dama”, consists mainly of married woman between the age 40-60. They were pushed in front of the public opinion for the first time in 2013. When critics began to question their purchasing power -
1 RMB = ? Become a Shopping Master in Shanghai read more
Apr-11th-2013 | Post by expatree

1 RMB = 1 US Dollar? Or 1 Euro?
This formula is of course a ridiculous joke. Everyone knows that the financial term “Exchange Rate” is important for expat residents. Not only because you're in another country but also to estimate a product price from RMB to US dollar or Euros. The most people who go out shopping almost everytime compare the price with the price in their homeland, but is this really always worth it to think in this way?
Before we go through the jungle of all the fake markets to explore the secret of “Price System” in Shanghai, let’s get some basic knowledge of the pricesystem in China. So 1 RMB = ? What would you put in the right of equal sign? For 1 US dollar in the US supermarket you can buy a can of Coca-Cola, candy and some more. In European countries it’s available to get a 200g pack of chips, 500g banana, 300ml cola and some other cheap stuff for 1 euro each
Test Your Knowledge of Life in Shanghai read more
Feb-21st-2013 | Post by expatree

As a newcomer in Shanghai, too many things suddenly surprised you and you are frequently feeling “Lost Way” in this big urban jungle. We can hear plenty of suggestion before we go to China, but it’s still difficult to cover everything.  For the other new expats coming to Shanghai, we are pleasure to summarize essential tips, maybe some issues are even useful for expats who already live here for a long term, but they never really know that. Now it’s time to test your knowledge, let’s do it!

After going outside of airport, it’s always recommended to prepare a sign written in Chinese, it says “’你 好,去这个地方 (Hello, please take me to this address)” if you want to take a taxi alone.  You have to show the taxi driver the exact road name and number in Chinese or point at this location in the map, not only the place name because not all taxi drivers are familiar with the location as you expected. One more to say, try to pick up regu
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