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A Taiwanese-American and her farm in Mainland China: “Agriculture is my attitude towards life” read more
Mar-18th-2016 | Post by amylovebiofarm

Chuansha New Town is located in east Pudong New District, Shanghai. As China’s first Disneyland is anticipated to open in this new district in mid-June, Chuansha New Town draws more and more attention from the public. Agriculture makes up about one-third of Chuansha New Town’s 96.7 km2 total area.

BIOFarm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the best representations of local, ecological agriculture and is one of the earliest organic farms in Shanghai. It is located only 15 minutes from Disneyland’s new park. BIOFarm was founded in 2004 by Sherrie Tien, a Taiwanese-American. Sherrie Tien has been engaged in organic farming for many years and has treated it as a way of life. Chuansha has become a paradise where she can carry out her lifestyle.

[Sherrie Tien]
This is a wonderful way of living and the “Chuansha” way of living is formed naturally. For instance, the center of town, the entertaining part in Chuansha, is definitely Disneyland, while the
Missing the taste of Royal England? Amelia’s jams, will take you back! read more
Feb-5th-2015 | Post by expatree

Wow! A variety of delicious jam’s taste
Have you already gone down to Amelia’s and tried the jams? What about the chutney’s? What about Pantry’s?

Sarah, a good friend of Amelia’s founder, Amelia, has vowed to maintain the brand name and grow it after Amelia left it in her care. Sarah is so committed to Amelia’s and its goals that she remains in contact with Amelia for recipes and ideas as well as opening up Pantry to offer a support to others in her position. Along with a little dream, she has created a platform for other small food and beverage businesses to have an opportunity to be discovered.
“I have always had a real passion for food and beverage but I also wanted to travel the world.”Sarah keeps a Royal British lifestyle in China, that mirroring to her favorite jams products by using a traditional British recipe. Not limited to this, the most important element of her products is that all are natural with no addition. She
The Gateway to Success of “Expat Idol” in China read more
Dec-19th-2014 | Post by expatree

Composer and writer, singer, ceremony master, it might be a bit difficult to use a single word to describe a legendary story of a French man in Shanghai, who composes his own songs in Chinese. Christophe Hisquin, who goes by the stage name Dantès, has made a career by mixing his musical and linguistic skills. Although it’s not uncommon for expats in Shanghai, to speak good Mandarin, it is still rare for them to write songs in Chinese. But Dantès or Dai Liang, as he is known in Chinese, has made a name for himself doing just that.

Until now he has completed shooting several music videos for his favorite songs, such as “Douce Chine”and “Oh ma chérie”. The song tells the story of a man who struggles to attract the attention of the girl he has fallen in love with. Dantès composed the song in 2007, and he says romance is a major theme in his work.

“Of course I have the love for woman, the romantic love like we all have in the s
Finding the right school is the key to your success read more
Sep-26th-2013 | Post by expatree

Most people begin learning Mandarin before they move or go to China, regardless of their purpose of visit. I, on the other hand, was ignorant and believed that would survive given that English is widely spoken. I could not have been more wrong. The first day in Shanghai was already an obstacle as I tried to orientate myself as well as purchase the basic necessities for the room I was renting. I realized that having learnt the basic mandarin conversation would have gone a long way and would save me the trouble of Google translating everything.
I was aware of my sever error and immediately resolved to secure a tutor in order to acquire the necessary Mandarin conversational skills. I did not want to isolate myself any more than I already had. Most websites offered private tutors as well as numerous schools directed at expats. That’s when I realized my next obstacle: how do I choose a school that will be most effective and efficient at preparing me to take on the Shanghainese
Channeling One’s Inner Artist: 9ArtZone and DIY in Shanghai read more
Jul-4th-2013 | Post by expatree

China’s economy grew 7.8 percent in 2012; disposable income growth outpaced this, growing at a brisk 12.6 percent clip. This means that, for all the capriciousness of the global economy, Chinese consumers finish the year with more money in their pockets, leaving them ample room to pursue new hobbies. One of the fastest-growing pastimes is DIY, or do-it-yourself craft-making. Pursued mainly by women (along with a few men and children,), the pursuit allows its users to escape from the minutiae of daily life, channel their inner artist, and adorn their homes with the beautiful fruits of their own labor.

The DIY movement has its origin in Japan, where the post-War boom has given rise to vibrant craft-making sector. Only 48.5 percent of Japanese women participate in the labor force, amongst the lowest rates in the OECD. Homemakers in Japan have thus had ample opportunity to pursue other endeavors, with craft-making topping the list. With social activity centering on making pottery, p
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