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A Box of Crayons read more
Apr-5th-2013 | Post by expatree

About seven years ago after spending her entire life living in the United States, Monika Lin, decided to fulfill her one desire which she was planning her whole life. Like most people who decide to immigrate to China she came here with a purpose. Despite of this similarity her purpose was to be far more distinguished from the well-known material world. Her message contained much more character and was to create a spark that will eventually add more perspective to life. What is this phenomenon you might think I am talking about? Let’s find out!
In life perspective is everything. ‘’What does this mean’’?, one might say. It means that one is limited by his own imagination. Anything can be…. By adding a certain piece to the last sentence I am creating a limitation towards myself. As Friedrich Nietzsche, a German philosopher who defined the foundations of traditional morality, once said: ‘’There are no facts, only interpretations&rsquo
Chinese-style Wedding Dresses is Sprouting read more
Mar-29th-2013 | Post by expatree

This week, we are honored (not less) to present our interview with Ms. Guo Pei — the couturier whose name is associated with true Chinese beauty, timeless femininity and grace. What the designer lives and breathes and what is that biggest goal she holds for her name-sake it here!

CitiJ: Thank you for welcoming us at your new amazing "Xi" (Chinese “囍”) store; it is truly an honor! Could you tell us a little bit about the concept behind your brand Guo Pei Xi?  
Guo Pei: For the majority, this concept is quite new; however, it is not entirely new I have to say. My brand is for China's most beautiful brides and we create most beautiful Chinese style wedding gowns for them. The part which is "new" of this concept refers to the fact that most of the modern day Chinese, unfortunately, do not know a Chinese style wedding dress and how it looks like. In my opinion, it's very sad that we don't have our own style in we
The Health Guard in Shanghai - Greenwave read more
Jan-31st-2013 | Post by expatree
According to the Chinese statistics, 40% of the water in Chinese surface water was not suitable for household use.  Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) also estimated that hundreds of millions of Chinese people are drinking contaminated water. When it comes to air pollution, the consulate-general of the U.S in Shanghai sometime shows the different air pollution level compared with Chinese official department. Now not only expats, more and more Chinese people start to pay attention on this huge concern.
The director of Shanghai Greenwave Enviro-Tech Co., Ltd., David Wang says that currently water quality is still less than expats’ expectations, and we need to have extra protections. Greenwave was established in 2008 after one of the co-founder David graduated from university in order to provide healthy home solutions in China through the three basics of human life; pure water, clean air, and quality food, and they are currently provide the wate
My Volunteering, My Life Experience in Shanghai read more
Oct-24th-2012 | Post by expatree

Shanghai sunset
Whilst volunteering is certainly a noble and altruistic activity for many, my interest in volunteering here in Shanghai was based more on practical reasons.

I moved here in May to follow my partner hardly a unique scenario! And while I’ve found the expat community in Shanghai to be incredibly warm and welcoming, I’m always looking for opportunities to meet new people, particularly those who have similar interests or who might enrich my time and life here in Shanghai.
But perhaps more than anything, I wasn’t working, and I genuinely needed something meaningful to do. I’ve spent many years being intellectually challenged and socially stimulated in my career, and this was something I dearly missed. So the opportunity to use my particular set of skills communications, marketing, strategy for any cause, had great appeal.
When a newfound friend suggested that I might be able to help out with Chi Fan for Charity (CFFC), I jumped at the opportunity. I qui

How do our surroundings inspire us? read more
Oct-4th-2012 | Post by expatree

For Celine Menard, proprietor of Estrelitzia, an accessory boutique with its own eccentric and lovable style, it was the fortuitous concatenation of events.  Since arriving in Shanghai in 2009, Celine has taken inspiration from the city and combined it with her lifelong love for sketching, creating a distinct design language and winning numerous admirers. Her cartoon-splayed collection, which includes bags, pillows, cards, and clothing, seamlessly combines elements from various stages of her life, creating a unique storybook spanning time and place.

The daughter of a painter, Celine has been immersed in the world of art as far back as she can remember. She began sketching as a young girl, taking inspiration from her surroundings and developing the unique style that still adorns all of her Estrelitzia products. She later went on to study economics and work in various big names in European interior design. Celine’s time in the home decor universe instilled in her belief that

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