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15 Shortcuts to become a “Creative Easter Master” read more
Apr-19th-2014 | Post by expatree

As Easter is approaching soon, bells start singing and rabbits are jumping… restaurants and shops are offering their special brunch menus or free chocolate eggs for children’s gifts. We always see these big promotions in Shanghai during the seasonal festival, you might be a bit headache that you expect to spend more relax time with your kids at home rather than going for outdoor activities, however you are afraid of nothing to do as the idea of indoor event is exhausted or the complicated creation is a really tough task for those amateur mothers.
Here we advice 15 “shortcuts” of family workshops and it gives a simple idea but makes a big surprise creation by your hands. We believe all family members would enjoy this warming moment and it would be one of the best gifts in kids’ memory. Now it’s show time!

1. A sleeping face drawing and an exquisite flower adorned "baby" egg. It looks amazing.

2. Make a colour Easter egg is too difficu
Language? Body Language! Chinese Body Language, Did You Know !? read more
Apr-3rd-2014 | Post by expatree

Have you already tried to express something at a restaurant, in a shop or with a taxi driver by using your body when you can’t speak in English? But the real question is “has your message been well understood?” I am not sure about that! You have to remain cautious when it comes to the Chinese culture!
For example, it is common to see youths of the same gender holding hands and hugging in China and it will not be regarded as homosexual.

In fact, body language forms a crucial part of everyday communication. Consciously or unconsciously, we tend to use different parts of our body to convey across certain messages. It is a fact that body language is not used as much in all the parts of the world. The use and the meaning of certain body languages can vary widely across different cultures. Body language used in one culture could be altogether different from that used in another. The body language that may be considered appropriate in one place might turn out to be o
What is Chinese New Year? Something You Need to Know read more
Feb-13th-2014 | Post by expatree

As many of you have observed, the Chinese New Year has just passed by. To the contrary of what most expected, this holiday week left cities deserted. What are the traditions that keep Chinese New Year alive?
All around China, one would see locals exchanging red packets, and dragons and dancers in red fill the streets where families gathered to celebrate the coming of the year of the Horse. But what are the stories behind the Chinese traditions?
1. Firstly, it should be noted that the Chinese do not in fact call it the Chinese New Year.
The Chinese New Year is in fact called the Lunar New Year or spring festival. The reason for naming it Lunar is because the year is determined by the cycle of the lunar calendar. What is even more surprising is that the Chinese are not the only culture who celebrate Lunar New Year. Other countries such as Vietnam, Korea and other Asian countries follow this tradition too. For most people, they simply distinguish between Jan
Spring Time Gift! FREE Shea Butter Cream for your opinion! read more
Jan-30th-2014 | Post by expatree
Thanks to all answers and comments to our questionnaire, the Expatree team are now making a review. As this online survy is still in process, we appreciate if you could give us your opinion concerning out platform through an Expatree Survey. The purpose of this survey is to help us serve you better as well as improve user experience of our service in the future. Again, your responses will remain strictly confidential. This survey is being conducted for research purposes only and will cost only a few minutes in order to answer 10 questions.
For anyone who contributes to the survey, we will offer a gift. Our special offer is a Shea Butter Cream. It originates Africa, which translates to French “Karite Cream”. As we know, Shea butter cream is used daily in many African countries; it helps heal skin irritations and offers sun protection. The Shea Butter Cream includes the following ingredients: Shea Butter, glycerin, allantoin, stearate, beeswax, stearic a
Outside of Box Ideas for Christmas Gifts: Real “Made in China” read more
Nov-13th-2013 | Post by expatree

While the Christmas is approaching again, with no doubt the Christmas Bazaar Seasons are already eagerly awaiting for their time to shine. Are you tired of the annual exasperation of trying to find the perfect Christmas presents to take from China to your loved ones back home? On one hand you might feel uneasy about purchasing a “Made in China” gift, but on the other hand, these markets offer you the impressive, chic, typical tradition, historical etc, you would find a variety of unique elements from these items. Although they are not priceless works of art or antiques, we believe they are irreplaceable by their products outside of China. These items are the TRUE “Made in China”.
- Chinese Abacus
Also known as, SuanPan. Before the electrical calculator was widely accepted by the local Chinese, SuanPan was the popular tool, especially for accountant professionals. Suanpans have different sizes depending on how many rods it has. Usually there are two beads o
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