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Nov. 11 Singles Day: Are you ready to meet a Chinese girl? read more
Nov-7th-2013 | Post by expatree

Marriage is like a fortress besieged: those who are outside want to get in, and those who are inside want to get out. – French proverb

At first, they called her "truth" because "the truth is naked". But then, she's not actually completely naked. So they amended it to "partial-truth". - Fortress Besieged, Qian Zhongshu
We quoted some well-known tags those describe the world of love, because November 11 is approaching again next week. In China, Singles' Day is a pop culture entertaining holiday for young Chinese to celebrate their bachelor life. The date is chosen for the connection between singles and the number '1'. Also young single men try their fortunes and successfully say goodbye to their bachelor years, thus a lot of couples begin dating that day. The story seems not to end yet. At this age, it’s not so surprising that a “Chinese-western” couple, walk hand in and through the streets. It seems the
5 Reasons You will Love Shanghai read more
Aug-29th-2013 | Post by expatree

Before I came to this City, I hate to admit it; I knew very little about the Chinese culture and what the City had to offer. However, having been in the city for almost two weeks now, I have explored, understood and developed a love for Shanghai and the people residing here.

1. Architecture
With its beautiful and creative architecture, Shanghai is home to over 20 million people. At any time of the day on any given week, Shanghai is always busy!
The best views in the city at the Bund, that sits on the waterfront across from the financial district. Here, it displays fabulous views of the famous Shanghai skyline. I would advise to go at night as the buildings light up creating a masterpiece of beautiful lights and buildings.
The modernization of the city and the multicultural diversity, offers a unique flair. Making Shanghai a very popular tourist destination. For me, it is the old Chinese tradition and the new Western customs that make the City so distinctive. It is
Stairs vs Escalators – “Creative” changes your life read more
Jul-25th-2013 | Post by expatree

In the metro station, when you see that the left-hand side is stairs, the right-hand side is escalators, which way you prefer? “30 seconds to the top” can save your time; in opposite “30 steps to the top” can be helpful to your health. You can’t have it both ways, it’s a choice. But it seems only a “one-way street“ in China, you might find out crowds of people struggling to ride the escalators no matter how long they have to wait even during rush hours, however only few people step on the stairs.
Except sports lovers and environmentalists, more people prefer escalators than stairs in the western countries but sometimes expats are still getting questions on this specific behavior in China. Several years ago, local officers preached exercise by using stairs instead of escalators but eventually it was failed to continue. “I never think of using stairs as an exactly helpful exercise or sport.” Following the interview repor
Looks like a beggar, sounds like a beggar, but is it really? read more
Jun-6th-2013 | Post by expatree
What do you want to be when you grow up? We can all relate to this question. All of us have at least been asked this question once. The answers you would often hear are a lawyer, fireman, pilot, (animal) doctor, therapist and so on. Some of us succeed in fulfilling their desires and unfortunately others don’t. We will end up working in a boring office doing administration work that nobody cares about or even worse, not having a job at all. But as a young infant the last thing we expect is to grow up becoming a beggar. Speaking of kids, ever wondered if those kids are really the beggars children?

Becoming a beggar is not considered to be a highlight in one’s life and something you wouldn’t wish anybody to be. But where do all these beggars come from? What is their story behind such misery? And the most important question you should ask yourself is, “Are they even real?”
It is always difficult to give a beggar money, because you’ll always be ask
Beer? Beer! Discover Beer in China! read more
May-23rd-2013 | Post by expatree

Thanks to the wonderful season, beer becomes a hot drink among the Chinese locals and expat people. People are talking while enjoying different kinds of beers in various festivals, but when you are swigging the bottle of beers do you think of this question - How many beer brands do you have tried already in China? Domestic? International? If you are a beer lover or beer brewing master, it’s recommended to know the story behind Chinese beer. Let’s start!
The brewing ingredients of Chinese beer contains almost the same ingredients as everywhere else, water, hops, and malted cereal grains, principally barley in addition to yeast and auxiliary material included wheat, corn and kinds of sugar. Several years ago, most Chinese beers are pale lagers, but now it’s not hard to find other styles like brown beer, stout beer and so on. In China there are more than 1500 domestic and international beer brands with exception of homebrewed and directly imported beer. However t
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