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St. Patrick Day! Let's Party read more
Mar-13th-2013 | Post by expatree

It seems that these days the weather is playing its tricks on us. On one day you are enjoying a hot summer day and the next its back to wrapping yourself around a winter coat. Nevertheless Spring is on its way and soon the fertile grounds of the city will be green once again accompanied with it's warm sunlight radiating its way down. Aiding in the verdification of the Oriental Pearl City will be St. Patrick’s Day, which will arrive this March 17th. Despite its obvious foreignness, the Shanghainese have welcomed the luck of the Irish with gusto and a number of various activities. Although one shouldn’t expect to see the Huangpu River dyed green anytime soon, celebrating the Patron Saint of Eyre provides the perfect opportunity to don a bit of green, pinch your boss's daughter, and have some fun. Allow me to be so generous by introducing a few ideas of how to make this St. Patrick’s Day a very fun and Irish one in Shanghai:
1. Fei Le Shang
Fashion is Evolution, Never Ends read more
Mar-7th-2013 | Post by expatree

New fashion season is here and like nothing else perhaps, it brings its new trends, heroes and goings-on to pay attention and give a credit to. What are those exactly for this first week after Chinese New Year? Read on here..

Within the passed year, Taylor Swift was recognized as one of the very best-dressed not once, but apparently, this is not enough for her. Even this new year's fashion magazines (not to mention, international ones) are again all over Ms. Swift and her looks and style. What will it bring us? Just a re-assurance that she still remains the girl to keep our fashion eye on. Enjoy the pictures!

Taylor Swift @ MTV EMA in J Mendel, November 2012  
Taylor Swift in NYC, August 2012


New year, new season and new color! Green, blue and purple (more, like a lighter fuchsia type of purple) in its various hues and tones are the kings of the season. So, watch out for them as a lot of season's must-haves co
Expat Idols in China read more
Feb-28th-2013 | Post by expatree

What’s your favorite TV program to watch after dinner? If you would ask this question to your Chinese friends they might be listing plenty of TV variety shows. Several years ago, since the TV show “American Idol” was introduced in China it gave a big insight to the Chinese people. Until today it has already born different kinds of local shows such as “China's Got Talent (中国达人秀)”, “Super Diva (妈妈咪呀)”, “The Voice of China (中国好声音)”, “So you think you can dance (舞林争霸)” etc.

To our big surprise, in these hot show-storms we find more and more expat pioneers like other local Chinese show their talents on the same stage. The good news is someone who successfully starts his acting career in China. We call these people with lovely name “Expat Idols”, here let’s explore a couple stories about them.

Every Saturday from 21:00 to 22:00 on “Channel Young (星尚频道)” you can see a lot of expats from a lot
"MaDiGaGa", brings New Fashion Storm in China read more
Feb-14th-2013 | Post by expatree

The world is unpredictable. In case with fashion world, this message is even stronger and more true. The recent exciting new star in China's womenswear fashion modeling is Liu Qianping and you'd never guess that he (he!) is a 72-year-old retired farmer.
The incident came from a set of fashion modeling images on one Taobao shop. 72-year-old grandpa poses for a modelling shoot with wearing aviator sunglasses and a selection of thigh-high tights and frilly skirts.
The story of Liu Qianping and how he became a model is actually quite realistic as he simply came to visit his granddaughter, Lv Ting in the southern province of Guangzhou. What is less believable (yet because of that even curiouser) is the fact that out of all other possible positions, known in fashion and retailing, he chose to be a model and a model of womenswear.

Quate from Lv, ”While I was unpacking boxes of clothes to sell, my grandfather pulled out, and slipped on a hot pink cloak. Then one of
Fireworks Day of the Year read more
Feb-7th-2013 | Post by expatree

There is one day per year when you find amounts of Chinese people outside to play with fireworks. It shows that Chinese New Year is coming. Firework display has already been a symbol of Spring Festival celebration. To the expat it is an impressive happening. For the most expats the most impressive thing to see on Chinese New Year is the amazing and beautiful firework view with the firecrackers crackling and spluttering, it sounds like a small symphony.
But what only a few expats know is why the Chinese people play with the firework on the exact 00:00 o’clock. For the cultural tradition people usually set off firecrackers to ring out the old year and celebrate the coming year. The another reason why the Chinese people do this is an old Chinese story, In the ancient China there was one fierce monster named “ Year (年nián) ”, the monster lives under sea. Every Chinese New Year the monster awakes and eats all the people and animals that are in his way. In or
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