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8 Tips to help find your meaning and purpose in life read more
Jul-19th-2015 | Post by AdiTheSuccessCoach

One of my clients was asking about finding their purpose in life. I thought well, this is actually at least the 10th time I've helped clients with this so this time, I will share some of my thoughts with all my personal readers and Expatree.

Find your purpose. with

8 Tips to help find your meaning and purpose in life:

1.Identify the activities that are meaningful for you. These are the things that just feel right when you’re doing them, they have purpose and you feel authentic when you’re doing them.

2.Identify the things that you are good at. The things that make you feel at your best when you are doing them.

3.Create a brief statement that ties together what you are good at and what provides you with a sense of purpose. This can be a mission or vision statement. A short sentence, a paragraph or even a mantra.

4.Check how your statement or mantra supports your current direction. Is what your doing in line with this. How much of your daily life is near this?

5.Develop new insights and skills that he

Can I Have an Authentic Bottle of Water? read more
May-7th-2015 | Post by expatree

It is no surprise that China´s lack of environment protection has taken its toll. However, the public health scandals have shocked Chinese consumers with highlights such as melamine-tainted infant formula milk, “gutter” cooking oil and tainted vaccines. The health scandal this time was in March, when swollen and rotten pigs were dumped into the Huangpu River affecting the water quality of Shanghainese water. With limited options, residents began consuming only bottled water despite the reassurance provided by the local officials who claimed the water met the drinking quality standards. China is witnessing its population opting for bottled water given the deterioration of its ecosystem.
What was more alarming than finding rotten pigs in the Huangpu River was Beijing News´headlines about the quality tests conducted on drinking water. Tap water officially goes undergoes 106 tests to pass as drinkable while bottled water has had the same quality indicators s
Enjoy Today by Finding Security Within: Tips for Adjusting to Life in Shanghai read more
Apr-19th-2015 | Post by Bibianarueda

As human beings, we often seek security and safety from the outside world. We tend to think that if we control our environment, people or situations outside us, we might feel secure. Yet, when we try, we realize two important things; one is that we cannot control situations or people and the other being that any sense of that type of control is fleeting. For expats who have relocated to Shanghai, this can be a particular struggle. There is so much that feels out of our control and all of the changes and new experiences can overwhelm someone who seeks external control.

Security must grow inside of us. It is a state of mind we develop internally. It doesn’t depend on the external world, people or our current situation. It depends on awareness and the ability to be present so that we allow ourselves to experience any given moment.

If we move in sync with the flow of the universe rather than try to fight and control it, we can realize mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We will

Warning! The 3rd Unforseen Health Killer read more
Nov-14th-2014 | Post by expatree

As we all know, air pollution and water pollution threats have become a big concern to the expats in China. Besides the common headaches, few people have come to observe “an invisible health killer” hidden in our daily life. Its scary description is waste incineration. People sometimes are apt to confuse the facts of this root cause, different from PM2.5; it always generates a colourless, odourless gas, named “Dioxin” during garbage cremation. To our surprise, its pollution toxicity level is 900 times higher than Arsenic, and 1000 time higher than Potassium Cyanide, even the smallest amount of these unhealthy substances could store in the body’s fat resulting in the risk of cancer. “Are you facing this risk now?” We believe most expats would reply the answer: “No”; however you might have to reflect on this issue after we show you the map of incineration plants located in Shanghai.
According to European countries’ policy
How to choose your dream gym in Shanghai? read more
Jul-3rd-2014 | Post by expatree

Remaining fit while on vacation is quite the challenge, for those who have enough motivation to try at least. Now imagine trying to stay fit for several months in a country where the food habits are pretty much the exact opposite of what you’ve always been used to. Mainly, food with extra grease and carbs that go straight to those unwanted areas.

Selecting the right gym can make the difference between getting in shape and giving up your fitness quest altogether. A good fit is essential. In an effort to help you get the best possible start, or to keep up with your already well established training, we’ve put together a list of 5 criteria on how to find and choose your perfect gym plus a (non-exhaustive) list of gyms in Shanghai that could match your international habits.

It often proves easy to come up with excuses not to work out – “it’s late”, “my favorite TV show is on”, “I don’t want to mess up my hair&rdquo
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