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Social Cloud is opening in Italy read more
Jan-3rd-2017 | Post by socialcloud
Social Cloud China, Italian PR and marketing company based in China, as part of a commercial expansion will open a new branch in Italy (Catania), on March 2017.

The Italian company will represent a new marketing and communication benchmark for Italian brand in Asia and Asian brands and not in Italy, with the support, for import and export and sale offline and online of the business development company L3 with branches in Milan, Florence, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

The company was formed in China in 2014 by Italian journalist Ambra Schillirò (daughter of the late journalist Nuccio Schillirò) and the Milanese entrepreneurs Mattia Visconti and Marco Bettio, already owners of an events agency in China and several Italian restaurants in Asia.

In China, the Marketing and PR company stood out, along with the sister event company MVP, for communication in gastronomy and fashion field. Among past and present customers and partners we can find Lucano, Levi's, Peuterey, Outback, Ce
Failure to Success, You might never know these stories read more
May-28th-2016 | Post by expatree

Thanks to government officially support, nowadays thousands of startup companies are born in China, not limited to local entrepreneur, more or less foreigners intend to setup their own business. In a rough figure, average 10,000 new companies were daily registered from 2014, the huge investment news and successful fundraising activities has always been an interest of media and public, everyone dreams up “a billion super unicorn” in opposite few people pay attention on those facts of failure.
In 2016 it shows most startup companies are facing a frustrated situation, lack of financial sponsorship, unexpected weak market etc. leads to a difficult decision, continue “Go” or “Not Go”. A Chinese saying, “Failure is the mother of success”, it's a good time for us to recall  lessons learned from the failure rather than the fact itself, even those success had a painful experience you might never know this.

Alibaba group founder,
Virtual Reality is Getting Real in China read more
Feb-12th-2016 | Post by expatree
Editor’s Note: This post is contributed by Alvin Wang Graylin, a season tech entrepreneur having founded five venture-backed startups in the US and China. He has also operated multi-hundred million P&Ls for MNCs in China and across Asia. Alvin holds a BS in electrical engineering from the University of Washington, an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School and an MS in computer science from MIT. 

From the title of this article, you may think I’m a recent fanboy of the new virtual reality (VR) craze,  where users dawn goggles on their head to escape into a virtual world.  But in fact, I’m a jaded optimist,  who’s been waiting for VR to arrive to the mass market for over 20 years.  In 1992, when I was an  undergrad at the University of Washington, I was lucky enough to take courses and do research at the  first academic VR lab in the US, the HIT lab (Human Interface Technology lab), which grew out of R&D from the US mi