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The Gateway to Success of “Expat Idol” in China read more
Dec-19th-2014 | Post by expatree

Composer and writer, singer, ceremony master, it might be a bit difficult to use a single word to describe a legendary story of a French man in Shanghai, who composes his own songs in Chinese. Christophe Hisquin, who goes by the stage name Dantès, has made a career by mixing his musical and linguistic skills. Although it’s not uncommon for expats in Shanghai, to speak good Mandarin, it is still rare for them to write songs in Chinese. But Dantès or Dai Liang, as he is known in Chinese, has made a name for himself doing just that.

Until now he has completed shooting several music videos for his favorite songs, such as “Douce Chine”and “Oh ma chérie”. The song tells the story of a man who struggles to attract the attention of the girl he has fallen in love with. Dantès composed the song in 2007, and he says romance is a major theme in his work.

“Of course I have the love for woman, the romantic love like we all have in the s
Spreading Your Words to the World read more
Dec-4th-2014 | Post by expatree
Expatree would like to thank everyone for their unwavering trust and support. It is because of this that Expatree has grown significantly in the past year. We are glad to inform that Expatree has made great efforts to provide more options for promoting your products and brands. We have also received quite a few requests to develop and offer more marketing channels and promotion packages for our members. To better serve you, we launched our blog 2.0 with a more open and interactive platform where every registered member can use.
Concerning some requisites, we would like to offer writing and editing service referring to the branding interview. Not limited to the blog article section, it now also presents LinkedIn and Facebook page contact and this helps more people to be aware of your business through a wide range of social media platforms. We have a series of topics covering diversifying fields such as entrepreneurship, education, job hunting, culture differences, creativity, tra
Warning! The 3rd Unforseen Health Killer read more
Nov-14th-2014 | Post by expatree

As we all know, air pollution and water pollution threats have become a big concern to the expats in China. Besides the common headaches, few people have come to observe “an invisible health killer” hidden in our daily life. Its scary description is waste incineration. People sometimes are apt to confuse the facts of this root cause, different from PM2.5; it always generates a colourless, odourless gas, named “Dioxin” during garbage cremation. To our surprise, its pollution toxicity level is 900 times higher than Arsenic, and 1000 time higher than Potassium Cyanide, even the smallest amount of these unhealthy substances could store in the body’s fat resulting in the risk of cancer. “Are you facing this risk now?” We believe most expats would reply the answer: “No”; however you might have to reflect on this issue after we show you the map of incineration plants located in Shanghai.
According to European countries’ policy
The Brand Speaks the Truth… PART II read more
Nov-7th-2014 | Post by expatree
"Brand = Culture”, this title might confuse everyone a little as it’s really difficult to make strong relation. But we have discovered that more and more successful brands were born with this invisible feature. Since the last article, we went through some more facts about the Double 11 campaign and observed that a good brand can tell us a story reflecting its value. Although it sounds like an amazing idea on the branding market, it’s not so easy to put it into practice. Compared to the traditional “hard push” advertising on how to make others share brand value, this has turned into a big challenge. Here, we continually explore several good examples and it might inspire you on the power of branding.
This is no celebrity showcase, no one tells you how good the coffee smells, not even the slightest discount promotion, and instead you only see Japanese women wearing Kimonos gathering with hand-craft discussions. The parents accompany their ch
The Brand Speaks the Truth… read more
Oct-23rd-2014 | Post by expatree

Double 11, the so called “Chinese shopping day” is approaching soon. Doesn’t matter if its Tmall or brand suppliers, even 3rd party agents start going crazy busy preparing for this big day. Store Operations, Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics, Techniques, Accounting- all these aspects have to be ready before this festive day. “Double 11 is a fighting war rather than a huge campaign” It sounds like a joke but to some extent, it’s true. “Double 11” is definitely not a strange name to most long-term resident expats, when we are exploring how it works, most of expats are feeling unbelievably lost and surprised on the complexity surrounding the “specific” local shopping policies that they have never been observed in the western countries. We are frequently questioned by foreign brands, Is it really good enough to join Double 11 even Tmall platform for foreign brands?Well, good question. Before we answer this que
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