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Those “Luxury” International Schools in Shanghai, are expat parents ready for that? read more
Apr-30th-2015 | Post by expatree
"220K RMB one year tuition fee in a primary school?!" Yeah, you have not misheard it, the most expensive international shool of Shanghai was born in 2014. As amounts of expat families move to Shanghai recently, parents start to pay more attention to the selection of international schools being offered for primary and secondary, even high school education. Traditionally, the exclusive choice is always the international school, but the high cost of tuition fees keeps parents away if they do not have financial sponsorship. Thanks to the policy changes, nowadays we have observed that expat children were successfully enrolled in the local primary or secondary schools. Then in 2014, it was officially announced that 22 local high schools opened an international class to the public, this includes public, private and international schools.
There are different kinds of
Does senior position become a challenge when expats seek a job? read more
Apr-18th-2015 | Post by expatree

Recently a comment created fierce controversy both in expats’ community and local recruiters. It says “Expats think underpaid issue for the job that they do in China compared to high quality skills and experience.” Go back to 10 years ago, it’s much easier for expats people getting satisfied paid, but now it seems localization phenomenon has risen steadily in the last 10 years leading to the unbalance of “benefit” and “contribution” among expat candidates, particularly in senior level positions.

A few supporters agreed this “underpaid” issue. While some companies are looking for skilled or experienced expat candidates but they are not willing to invest in salary package, for example one company asks for a expat candidate who has 10+ years working experience but offering 2-3 years junior talents paid. To some extent “cost-driven” is a common feature of local companies, in another word companies prefer “short
CHANEL cut down price in China, do you see the trending opportunity? read more
Apr-10th-2015 | Post by expatree

CHANEL, the worldwide luxury brand, creates a whole new meaning in recent days. Chinese consumers are lining up in front of domestic CHANEL stores to snap up items just after CHANEL officially announced since March 17, that they decided to mark down retail prices in regional China area in opposite price has to rise in European market.
Actually a strange constant phenomenon always confuses the luxury industry these years. The extreme low return of investment reflects Chinese consumers prefer luxury brand consuming in the oversea markets leading to sales loss compared to high operation cost of domestic stores. Most brand suppliers are used to expect price adjustment and control through local government policy, but this time CHANEL cannot wait and figure out the solution itself.
As usual, a handbag is 40% higher expensive in China rather than in Europe, except the impact of exchange rate fluctuations, but now it’s only 5% price gap. Might be in the past years, 50% sal
Step forward of “Helping Expats Branch Out” read more
Apr-7th-2015 | Post by expatree

Event Reception
Thanks to all your involvement and trust to our job fair and networking event last week. We got fully booked online and near 100 people came to enjoy our event. To our delight, 90% corporate successfully approached expected candidates, and our efforts and hard work are well recognized by all attendants.

Candidates are attentive in presentation

Candidates are talking with employers

The employers joined this time covering different industries such as Media & Design, e-Commerce, Biotechnology, Education & Training, Legal, Marketing & Communications etc.

It’s provided more than 40 positions such as CEO assistant, business developer, marketing executive, project manager, event planning, graphic designer, public relation, customer service and so on. We are proud of a wide range of position choices helping foreign candidates to build practical career skills in near future, particularly in China.

Candidates’ Moments

We will furt
Does expats’ attitude change towards Chinese compared to 10 years ago? read more
Mar-23rd-2015 | Post by expatree
In traditional mind on expats, well-educated, very quiet and courteous are attractive and exotic characteristics Unfortunately now a few Chinese sometimes get a bit disappointed on the gap of attitude, it sounds expats’ attitude is not “so nice” compared with several years ago.
Is it true? Or somehow a reason is behind it? We explore on this topic.

1.  A portion of the cost increase in China make expats has to afford more daily pressure. While everyone has to pay attention on him/herself to survive the life, the interactive relation to others is definitely becoming weak and negative motion is easier to be exposed. 
2.  The origin of expats background is diverse, except“3% of C-level” group, remaining new comers are added into big community and becoming the majority group. However local Chinese try to recollect the ideal benchmark, then it’s caused “normal” behavior and attitude from new expats produce the gaps
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