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Warm it up with the best - Flotzinger Brau! read more
Nov-30th-2015 | Post by auba


You might ask yourself if it is a right choice to keep drinking beer while the outside temperature goes down. The answer is YES! Beer lovers can breathe freely - winter is not a reson for you to stop enjoying the beer. The only advice - go dark. Dark beers taste same good cold or warm. Sitting at home in your cosy chair or hanging out with the friends at the bar - there is nothing better than to feel how beer fills your body with warm.

可能你会问自己:“外面温度越来越低,继续喝啤酒是否有理的选择?”回答就!啤酒爱好者会自由呼吸 - 冬天不是能让你停止喝啤酒的原因。我们只有一个建议 - 选黑啤酒。黑啤酒不管冷或热风味都丰富。没有比感到啤酒让你身体温暖的感觉更好。



A lot of breweries and organizers are holding beer festivals during these chilli days. One might say that there is no fun in that, but we strongly disagree. The beer is flowing and there is usually some kind of heat source for beer lovers to gather around and chat.



If you still hesitate, there is one more interesting th

Foreign Groceries, National Supermarkets read more
May-22nd-2015 | Post by expatree

What are imported supermarkets? Given the influx of expats in major cities of China, Shanghai and Beijing, foreign supermarkets have used this opportunity to enter the market along with them. As much as expats try to integrate into the Chinese way of living, there is a nostalgic note left, especially when it comes to food. Nothing feeds the soul like a warm satisfied tummy. Not only are there foreign supermarkets entering the food market in China, but now major Chinese supermarkets offer a variety of imported food products. Moreover, given the lax laws on consumption products, expats are even more motivated to purchase foreign goods. Carrefour and City Shop are examples of major foreign supermarkets that have succesfully established themselves in the Chinese market. However, here we offer you alternative options of supermarkets that sell imported goods.


1. Olé

This brand of supermarket is located at two points in Shanghai and are both at subway stations. The most ad

10 Top Tianzifang Terraces read more
May-15th-2015 | Post by expatree

Il Bambino

Tianzifang- one of the hottest tourist spots in Shanghai, With its charming narrow and heart warming alleys, you find yourself surrounded by enough cafes and boutiques to keep you busy for hours. Here, we highlight the top 10 Tiianzifang terraces that you should visit while visiting.

1. Il Bambino

Il Bambino is an Italian bistro owned by David Chen in one of the oldest buildings in Tianzifang. Needless to say, it radiates an exquisite antique feeling to it. Although a cosy bistro, Il Bambino is spread over 5 floors with a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine from more than 200 selected red and white wines.

Address: 155 Lane No.7 Middle Jianguo Rd Tianzifang, near Ruijin Er Rd
Tel.: 64730820

2. Value

There are few Japanese restaurants and stores in Tianzifang but Value is an exotic space serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine includes barbecues and cocktails. Value is spread over 3 floors with an open plan at the terrace. You can e