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Foreign Groceries, National Supermarkets read more
May-22nd-2015 | Post by expatree

What are imported supermarkets? Given the influx of expats in major cities of China, Shanghai and Beijing, foreign supermarkets have used this opportunity to enter the market along with them. As much as expats try to integrate into the Chinese way of living, there is a nostalgic note left, especially when it comes to food. Nothing feeds the soul like a warm satisfied tummy. Not only are there foreign supermarkets entering the food market in China, but now major Chinese supermarkets offer a variety of imported food products. Moreover, given the lax laws on consumption products, expats are even more motivated to purchase foreign goods. Carrefour and City Shop are examples of major foreign supermarkets that have succesfully established themselves in the Chinese market. However, here we offer you alternative options of supermarkets that sell imported goods.


1. Olé

This brand of supermarket is located at two points in Shanghai and are both at subway stations. The most ad

10 Top Tianzifang Terraces read more
May-15th-2015 | Post by expatree

Il Bambino

Tianzifang- one of the hottest tourist spots in Shanghai, With its charming narrow and heart warming alleys, you find yourself surrounded by enough cafes and boutiques to keep you busy for hours. Here, we highlight the top 10 Tiianzifang terraces that you should visit while visiting.

1. Il Bambino

Il Bambino is an Italian bistro owned by David Chen in one of the oldest buildings in Tianzifang. Needless to say, it radiates an exquisite antique feeling to it. Although a cosy bistro, Il Bambino is spread over 5 floors with a beautiful terrace where you can enjoy a glass of wine from more than 200 selected red and white wines.

Address: 155 Lane No.7 Middle Jianguo Rd Tianzifang, near Ruijin Er Rd
Tel.: 64730820

2. Value

There are few Japanese restaurants and stores in Tianzifang but Value is an exotic space serving authentic Japanese cuisine. Japanese cuisine includes barbecues and cocktails. Value is spread over 3 floors with an open plan at the terrace. You can e

Can I Have an Authentic Bottle of Water? read more
May-7th-2015 | Post by expatree

It is no surprise that China´s lack of environment protection has taken its toll. However, the public health scandals have shocked Chinese consumers with highlights such as melamine-tainted infant formula milk, “gutter” cooking oil and tainted vaccines. The health scandal this time was in March, when swollen and rotten pigs were dumped into the Huangpu River affecting the water quality of Shanghainese water. With limited options, residents began consuming only bottled water despite the reassurance provided by the local officials who claimed the water met the drinking quality standards. China is witnessing its population opting for bottled water given the deterioration of its ecosystem.
What was more alarming than finding rotten pigs in the Huangpu River was Beijing News´headlines about the quality tests conducted on drinking water. Tap water officially goes undergoes 106 tests to pass as drinkable while bottled water has had the same quality indicators s
Those “Luxury” International Schools in Shanghai, are expat parents ready for that? read more
Apr-30th-2015 | Post by expatree
"220K RMB one year tuition fee in a primary school?!" Yeah, you have not misheard it, the most expensive international shool of Shanghai was born in 2014. As amounts of expat families move to Shanghai recently, parents start to pay more attention to the selection of international schools being offered for primary and secondary, even high school education. Traditionally, the exclusive choice is always the international school, but the high cost of tuition fees keeps parents away if they do not have financial sponsorship. Thanks to the policy changes, nowadays we have observed that expat children were successfully enrolled in the local primary or secondary schools. Then in 2014, it was officially announced that 22 local high schools opened an international class to the public, this includes public, private and international schools.
There are different kinds of
Enjoy Today by Finding Security Within: Tips for Adjusting to Life in Shanghai read more
Apr-19th-2015 | Post by Bibianarueda

As human beings, we often seek security and safety from the outside world. We tend to think that if we control our environment, people or situations outside us, we might feel secure. Yet, when we try, we realize two important things; one is that we cannot control situations or people and the other being that any sense of that type of control is fleeting. For expats who have relocated to Shanghai, this can be a particular struggle. There is so much that feels out of our control and all of the changes and new experiences can overwhelm someone who seeks external control.

Security must grow inside of us. It is a state of mind we develop internally. It doesn’t depend on the external world, people or our current situation. It depends on awareness and the ability to be present so that we allow ourselves to experience any given moment.

If we move in sync with the flow of the universe rather than try to fight and control it, we can realize mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. We will

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