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Interesting Question? Tmall or Tmall Global, who is a representative of China e-commerce to world? read more
Jul-8th-2016 | Post by expatree
In China Alibaba group shows the strength on B2C e-commerce retail business thanks to his online weapon, and these two platforms. Take advantage of the benefits of cross-border e-commerce policy by China government, Alibaba soon built up another online platform, “Tmall Global” towards to worldwide audience. Not satisfied with the domestic leadership, a bigger ambition shows Alibaba is trying to connect the world and get occupied oversea market share as much as possible.
Unfortunately Tmall Global’s current achievement is below public expectation although Alibaba did a huge advertising investment on both local and foreign market. “Local registered entity is not required in China” such kind of idea sounds interesting for foreign brand supplier to have a tryout, but Tmall Global still faces a big challenge issue, in additional to the ambiguity fact data on its sales performance, not transparency at all. On the other hand, compared
The “Know-it-all” Rib Eye Guide read more
Jun-22nd-2016 | Post by MrMeat

Rib Eye 1.0: The Basics

Other names: Entrecôte, Delmonico, Scotch fillet, Spencer steak, Beauty steak, Bife ancho, Rib steak (bone-in), Cowboy steak (bone-in)

 Where it's from: Upper ribcage, ribs #6-12. Rib eyes are basically a prime rib or standing rib roast cut down into individual steaks.

What it looks like: Lots of fat marbling. The middle (central eye) has a finer grain while the outer section is looser and fattier.

 What it tastes like: Super beefy, juicy, and flavorful.


Existential questions of a Rib eye lover


#1: Grass-fed or Grain-fed?

The main differences between grain-fed and grass-fed beef lay on the cattle diet and roaming:

The factors mentioned above affect the flavor of the meat. Grain-fed beef has a higher content in fat, which translates in a fattier and aromatic beef. On the contrary grass-fed beef is a little bit chewier and has a stronger beef taste.

#2: Steaks or whole piece

For steaks:

This is a matter of preference and it’s totally arb

Failure to Success, You might never know these stories read more
May-28th-2016 | Post by expatree

Thanks to government officially support, nowadays thousands of startup companies are born in China, not limited to local entrepreneur, more or less foreigners intend to setup their own business. In a rough figure, average 10,000 new companies were daily registered from 2014, the huge investment news and successful fundraising activities has always been an interest of media and public, everyone dreams up “a billion super unicorn” in opposite few people pay attention on those facts of failure.
In 2016 it shows most startup companies are facing a frustrated situation, lack of financial sponsorship, unexpected weak market etc. leads to a difficult decision, continue “Go” or “Not Go”. A Chinese saying, “Failure is the mother of success”, it's a good time for us to recall  lessons learned from the failure rather than the fact itself, even those success had a painful experience you might never know this.

Alibaba group founder,
How Cloud Accounting Benefits Your Business in China read more
May-7th-2016 | Post by Kangming

With the rapid development of China’s economy, foreign direct investment in China has continued to rise in line with economic growth, reaching nearly USD 120 billionin 2015. While it’s tempting to invest in China, there might be barriers and headaches to manage your business, especially when you want to free yourself from accounting administration activities and focus on growing your business. With cloud accounting software, your financial advisor and you can access your business data on a real-time basis, making it easier for you to stay focused on what matters most.

1. Making virtual CFO service feasible

In order to run your business well in China, it’s significant that you have a qualified CFO who is fluent in English, has an in depth understanding of China business compliance and tax systems, and is able to help you better manage the internal control process. In China, it’s especially hard to find the CFO who can meet all the above requirements within the b
A Taiwanese-American and her farm in Mainland China: “Agriculture is my attitude towards life” read more
Mar-18th-2016 | Post by amylovebiofarm

Chuansha New Town is located in east Pudong New District, Shanghai. As China’s first Disneyland is anticipated to open in this new district in mid-June, Chuansha New Town draws more and more attention from the public. Agriculture makes up about one-third of Chuansha New Town’s 96.7 km2 total area.

BIOFarm (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is one of the best representations of local, ecological agriculture and is one of the earliest organic farms in Shanghai. It is located only 15 minutes from Disneyland’s new park. BIOFarm was founded in 2004 by Sherrie Tien, a Taiwanese-American. Sherrie Tien has been engaged in organic farming for many years and has treated it as a way of life. Chuansha has become a paradise where she can carry out her lifestyle.

[Sherrie Tien]
This is a wonderful way of living and the “Chuansha” way of living is formed naturally. For instance, the center of town, the entertaining part in Chuansha, is definitely Disneyland, while the
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