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Chinese-style Intellitax, did you pay this already? read more
Nov-11th-2017 | Post by expatree

Recently a new Chinese buzzword is headlined in medias, “Intellitax” (Intelligence Tax or IQ Tax), in Chinese characters, it’s called “智商税” (zhi shang shui). This is nothing to do with any tax technology instead it starts from a painful lesson that Chinese consumers paid for “overvalued” product or service affected by deceitful flowery words of advertising. Unfortunately not limited to shopping, “Intellitax” becomes a quite phenomenal public issues in marketing, entertainment, finance, even in education. In a Chinese saying “人傻钱多” (ren sha qian duo), it looks like an idiot is not tired by wasting money or being cheated, which reflects a crisis of trust behind impetuous and money driven social values.
While it was approaching Double 11 online shopping festival, the “Chinese-style” marketing in both Tmall and Taobao platforms played all kinds of “incentive cards” to
[White Paper] Who are we? This is Chinese-style expats life read more
Oct-17th-2017 | Post by expatree
Since 2012, it discovers that some traditions and behaviors have exerted a profound impact on the values and way of life of the expat people today. It’s quite interesting to make a behavior comparison between local Chinese and expats group, 

Until March of 2017, it says “Service” and “Leisure” demanding are ranked top 2 in the keyword of interest among expats group, with a relatively significant share 71%. Meanwhile nearly half share especially in “Service” request indicates expats people stay focused on healthier, higher quality lifestyle with a big effort of getting into the mainstream of Chinese society during 5 years.
The bad news, high demand of seeking “job” and “visa” solution is implying both internal and external “troubles” that expats have to face, China has constantly leveled up the entrance barrier for foreign talents in recent years, means the golden
E-COMMERCE, what the hell is this on earth? Can you answer it? read more
Sep-20th-2017 | Post by expatree

“Hey, I heard ecommerce is growing fast in China, people prefer online shopping, right? I have some good products and then invite IT guys to build up an online platform, let’s make ecommerce happened.”  This is a true story that we frequently get such kind of request from foreign entrepreneurs. Before we say “Go” or “No Go”,  it’s better to try thinking what’s the foundation of ecommerce, in another word what we have to keep in mind when we start a new ecommerce business?
Generally speaking, China E-commerce has been developing for 20 years. Nowadays  no matter how big the promotion in marketing activities, in fact it's false surface that covers the truth, marketing should be not everything of ecommerce. Back to 20 years ago, the fundamental setup is considered as a more valuable reference to newbie entrepreneurs. A full picture of ecommerce business cons
If you hate someone, ask him to open Taobao shop read more
Jun-27th-2017 | Post by expatree

If you love someone, ask him to open Taobao shop; If you hate someone, also ask him to open Taobao shop. This Chinese jingle becomes quite popular because it epitomizes the struggle of e-commerce experience from amounts of small to medium company entrepreneurs. As two of main domestic e-commerce platforms in China, “Taobao” and “Tmall” under Alibaba group, both meet a bottleneck and starting slow down growth rate in recent years. It makes sense why Jack Ma is seeking a new opportunity of e-commerce booming place, for example opening an e-commerce conference with 3000 small to medium company entrepreneurs in Detroit, US.

With no doubt Jack Ma with Alibaba group opens a new age of e-commerce lifestyle to Chinese people, it has changed the way of shopping behavior and improved technology development in payment, logistics and cloud computing service etc. Everything is happened just within 20 years, we are proud of this miracle. However nowadays more an
A Joke? Have you ever met “Wechat Threat”? read more
Jun-13th-2017 | Post by expatree
Similar to WhatsApp, LINE and Facebook, Wechat in China connects people to make easier online communication through a big social networking. To our surprised, recently a Chinese university student, with a “creative” idea, tried to threaten a food shop owner by taking advantage of wechat group. The story seems dramatic,
-    A student claimed via wechat he has more than 10 university wechat groups, means 5000 people in total, not limited to this, 2500 of 2750 his wechat friends are studying  or working in university. By taking advantage of numerous “relationship”, he proposed to send an advertising in these groups, and pushed shop owner to pay 3000 RMB for this promotion service.

Image: Student claimed he has amounts of connections in wechat
-    Not getting an immediate “positive” response from shop owner, this student started a verbal threat and requested a clear “Yes or No” reply bef
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