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Ways to Eat Nutritious Food While Transitioning into Expat Life read more
Feb-11th-2019 | Post by expatree

Food habits are known as being one of the most complex aspects of human behavior, which makes them even more important to understand when moving abroad. As you adjust to a new culture, job, language and lifestyle you’ll undoubtedly feel like your entire body is out of whack. Cultivating a routine will help, while trying to adjust to the Chinese eating schedule as quickly as possible will also assit your body in finding its rhythm sooner rather than later. There are a few other things you can do, however, that will ensure you have the energy your body needs to be healthy and engage in all of the fun activities going on in your new expat life.

Start Slowly
You don’t have to get acclimated all at once. As you unpack your bags and possibly even search for your new apartment in Shanghai or Beijing, it’s important to ease into your new life. Take care of your mental health and allow yourself to enjoy comfort foods from home. Just know that eventually, you will have to branc