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  • Missing the taste of Royal England? Amelia’s jams, will take you back!

    Post by : expatree

Wow! A variety of delicious jam’s taste
Have you already gone down to Amelia’s and tried the jams? What about the chutney’s? What about Pantry’s?

Sarah, a good friend of Amelia’s founder, Amelia, has vowed to maintain the brand name and grow it after Amelia left it in her care. Sarah is so committed to Amelia’s and its goals that she remains in contact with Amelia for recipes and ideas as well as opening up Pantry to offer a support to others in her position. Along with a little dream, she has created a platform for other small food and beverage businesses to have an opportunity to be discovered.
“I have always had a real passion for food and beverage but I also wanted to travel the world.”Sarah keeps a Royal British lifestyle in China, that mirroring to her favorite jams products by using a traditional British recipe. Not limited to this, the most important element of her products is that all are natural with no addition. She uses all fruits since there are no standards, which is an advantage of not producing their product in a factory. However, this result in two jars of Raspberry jam probably not having the same shade of color.. “We know exactly what our products contain” explains Sarah.

“Home-made, Natural, Original, Healthy, No addition”,

Missing the taste of Royal England? Or you want to have a touch of British Class? Scan QR code below to follow up wechat account, Amelia’s jams, they take you back!

Date:2015-02-05 17:39:11
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