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  • New Updated: FAQ on Work Visa and Employment Permit

    Post by : visashanghai

Information around work visa as well as residence permit could be confusing for many expats. Everchanging rules and regulations on expat visas makes it harder to find appropriate infomration on the web. Thats why we prepared this Q&A article for frequently asked questions by our customers. Visa Shangahi helps expats here in Shanghai since 10 years and we gathered some of the best practises when it comes to visa. Enjoy and dont forget to share it with your friends!
Q1: I have been working in a company here in Shanghai more than 4 years, Can I apply 2 to 5 years residence permit and work permit?
VS: If your company’s registered capital is more than $3 Million USD and if you have an executive managerial position within your company, yes you can. If this do not apply to you, we recommend to renew your licenses every year.
Q2: What if I am the owner or legal representative of a company? Can I directly get 2 to 5 years work visa?
•If the company opened less than one year, you can only apply 1 year work and residence permit. Second year Visa Shanghai can apply 2 years for you.

•From July 2015 onwards, if you applied for your work visa 2 consecutive years in Shanghai and haven't violated any immigration laws and local regulations Visa Shanghai can help you apply for the 5 year residence permit.

•Approval of 5 years residence permit really depends on your profile and local authorities. According to our experience, expats usually have 20% success rate when applying for this service. If your application is denied by the government office you will receive regular 1 years permit. (Application might be rejected due to company registered capital is too small or some other reasons)
Q3: Once I obtain my 5 year work visa, Can I work for any company?
VS:No, if you switch jobs you will need to give up your current 5-years residence permit and re-apply for a new working permit and new residence permit through the new company. If you don't follow this procedure, it will be counted as illegal employment and you will face a huge penalties
Q4: What is the legal way to apply new work permit and residence permit when switching jobs?
VS: According to the immigration regulations, after submitting for your new Alien Employment permit for your new employer you will need to cancel your former residence permit you’re your previous employer. You will then be issued a short term M Visa for a duration of 1 month with 0 entry to avoid the illegal employment and further penalties.
Q5: If I enter Shanghai-China with Tourist or Business visa and find job during my visit, can I apply for work permit and residence permit directly without leaving.
VS: If the duration of your visa is more than 1 month and you find job here in Shanghai we can assist you to get your work permit and residence permit. Local company or WOFE company are both okay.
Please be aware, work permit and residence permit usually takes 25 days and you must have 30 days duration from the time you apply for your work visa and residence permit. This will save your time and money from travelling back to your home country or Hong Kong to get Z visa.
Q6: If I stops working in Shanghai, can I get new visa to stay in China?
VS: Yes, Visa Shanghai can help you to get 1 month 0 entry non-renewable Stay Permit in Shanghai. This is called Humanity Permit. During this month, you can look for an alternative job or travel China. This permit usually takes 7 working days. (Original Passport+2-inch Photo +Shanghai Temporary Registration+Original release letter from your last company in shanghai is enough)
Q7 if I get new passport, do I need to transfer my old working visa to my new passport?
VS: From January 2016, Foreigners who received their new passport will have 1 month to transfer their old visa to their new passport (counted from new passport issue date). If you fail to comply with this condition, you will be requested to present yourself when you renew your next working visa and you will face a warning or small penalty. This might also affect your long-term visa applications in future. (5 years working visa or green card application).
Q8 Transfers of work visa to a new company and getting your residence permit and work visa is not always 100% guaranteed and expats face many problems with this problem. What do your recommend on this subject?
VS: If your old company and new company is in two different industry (for example; the old company is consulting company and the new company is restaurant) then the application failure rate is much higher. Additionally, if you are holding an expert certificate as teacher and you find a new job at consulting company or trading company, application failure rate nearly 90% be careful!
Q9 My application is rejected from labor office for employment license, how long should I wait to submit it for the second time?
VS: First, we need know what was the reason you got rejected. We will recommend a solution accordingly depending on your profile. Many expats faces this situation due to employment position being too low, resume is not real, not having 2 years work experience after Bachelor Degree etc.. Please do not try to do it by yourself, if you get rejected more than 2 times we will not be able to help you.
We hope that above information will be helpfull . If you have more questions we will be more than happy to assist. Our contact details are mentioned below and feel free to contact us anytime. Visa Shanghai is committed to make expats life easier here in Shanghai, China.

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On Call Mobile: +86-159-0057-0016
Office Number: +86 21-61853593
Wechat ID: jzvisasophia
Date:2016-02-25 14:09:20
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