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  • Outside of Box Ideas for Christmas Gifts: Real “Made in China”

    Post by : expatree

While the Christmas is approaching again, with no doubt the Christmas Bazaar Seasons are already eagerly awaiting for their time to shine. Are you tired of the annual exasperation of trying to find the perfect Christmas presents to take from China to your loved ones back home? On one hand you might feel uneasy about purchasing a “Made in China” gift, but on the other hand, these markets offer you the impressive, chic, typical tradition, historical etc, you would find a variety of unique elements from these items. Although they are not priceless works of art or antiques, we believe they are irreplaceable by their products outside of China. These items are the TRUE “Made in China”.
- Chinese Abacus
Also known as, SuanPan. Before the electrical calculator was widely accepted by the local Chinese, SuanPan was the popular tool, especially for accountant professionals. Suanpans have different sizes depending on how many rods it has. Usually there are two beads on each rod in the upper deck and five beads on each rod in the bottom deck. The beads are rounded and made of a hardwood adorned with a nice wood frame. It’s surprising to many that this configuration is able to apply for both decimal and hexadecimal computation, so that in China it has a complete skill levels certification system for accountant positions. Professionals can count beads by moving them up or down towards the beam at a high speed, sometimes faster than using calculator. What’s an extraordinary device!

- Back Scratcher
It has been discovered that backscratchers already have a history of over two thousand years in ancient China. As it’s an indispensable tool to the old ages of local Chinese in their daily life, it’s frequently used for relieving itchy toes or areas that are not beyond reach. They are generally long, slender, rod-shaped tools with a knob on one end in the form of a human hand which performs the actual scratching. The modern backscratchers are made of wood, bamboo, or plastic, but sometimes collection lovers treat it as a treasure when they come across an old fashioned back scratcher made from ivory. These items are priceless as they are hand-carved with rings on its fingers. No matter if it’s highly ornamented or not, back scratcher are always a nice tool to have around when those itches kick in.

- Sandbag for Kids Game   
If you are worried about what to get for a child, we have the solution for you. Unlike like punching bag in the boxing sports, the sandbag volume is a significantly larger than a baseball, sewed in different colored, old rags with soft sands, beans or rice added inside. Although it’s not as popular as with the older generations, it always serves a fond memory for a game that local Chinese children played in the neighborhoods. The game consists of two teams. One team is in between members of the second team. The purpose is for the team to wipe out the other team members using these sandbags. This game is a mix of the worldwide known games of ‘stuck in the middle’ and ‘dodgeball.’ Thanks to this sandbag tossing game, team work and spirit is boosted while having fun at all ages.

- Chinese Mazha Folding Stool
Sitting furniture, one of the most important category of furniture, is more closely related with people’s daily life in China. Mazha has a structure made of softwood which requires an additional metal rod to act as a reinforced pivotal point. This kind of small, lovely stool is made of woven rope and metal pieces are added to parts of the stool to repair worn away areas. Flexibility is a big feature so that it could be simply folded from “1” symbol to “X” symbol in a few seconds. It’s hard to imagine that this structure manages to sustain the weight of an adult. Even now you would find the local old ages sometimes take a break with these stools in a park.
Although these items were commonly used in the past, nowadays we are nostalgic due to their own unique charm and style. The price is not the value of these items but rather conveying the Chinese culture as a unique and memorable gift this coming Christmas holiday.
Date:2013-11-13 23:46:01
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