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  • Popular Ski Resorts around Shanghai

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Skiing is becoming an increasingly popular sport in China, with new resorts opening, and an ever-wider range of slopes available. For lovers of skiing in the Shanghai area, there are several options from which to choose.

> 浙江杭州临安大明山万松岭滑雪场
Wansongling Ski Resort Daming Mountain, Lin An, Zhejiang Province
4 hours from Shanghai, 300 RMB/person/hour
open time: 08:45-18:00

The Lin'an Daming Mountain Ski Site is the largest resort in all of eastern China. Located behind Daming Lake in the larger Lin'an Daming Mountain Scenic Area, it is situated at a height of approximately 1,200 metres. The site consists of two major areas. The relaxation area extends out over some 10,000 square meters and is itself extensive, while the skiing area itself takes up the majority of the site, some 30,000 square meters. For children and novices there are bunny-runs. Other runs cater for skiers up to intermediate level. When natural snow is unavailable, the Lin'an Daming Mountain Ski Site is able to take advantage of artificial snow generated by state-of-the-art equipment on the site. For those who want to enjoy the snow in other ways, the relaxation area affords the opportunity for such traditional – and less skilled – pastimes as making snowmen and having snowball fights.

> 浙江绍兴乔波冰雪世界
Qiaobo Ice&Snow World, Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province
2 hours and 40 minutes from Shanghai, 330 RMB/person/4 hour
open time: 10:00-20:00

Shao Xing Qiaobo Ice&Snow World is located in the national AAAA level scenic spots "Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Jian Hu - Keyan Scenic Area”. The company invested a total over 400 million yuan, construction area of ??over 60,000 square meters. Dominated by large-scale indoor ski hall, and supporting the four-star conference leisure hotel, the Four Seasons is a set of skiing, conferences, catering, tourism, entertainment as an integrated sports and leisure options. The indoor skiing park contains a snow play area, a SBC park, a junior ski slopes and a senior ski slopes. It could satisfy the needs of all skiers.

> 湖州安吉江南天池滑雪场
Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Resort,Anji,Zhejiang Province
3 hours and 40 minutes from Shanghai, 330 RMB/person/2 hour
open time: 09:00-20:00

At 900 meters above sea level, the An'ji Jiangnan Tianchi Ski Site is located in the Jiangnan Tianchi Scenic area, set in the northern foothills of Tianmu Mountain in An'ji County, Zhejiang. It is only some 20km from the urban area of An'ji itself. The site itself is compact, consisting of a practice run and a 400 meter run with a maximum incline of 30 degrees for more experienced skiers. The total drop over its length is some 50 meters. This is the foremost of the ski sites located in the southern area of the Yangtze River and, one of the better-developed, and thus one of the safest. It offers other attractions, in particular ahot springs complex, perfect for relaxing in after a pleasant day's skiing.

> 宁波商量岗滑雪场
Shanglianggang Ski Resort,Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
3 hours and 40 minutes from Shanghai, 330 RMB/person
open time: 08:30-16:30

Shangliang Hill, (商量岗 or 相量岗 by its popular name), is located in the Shangliang Gang resort, itself situated in the heart of the Siming Mountains, (四明山). It is not far from the Xikou scenic area in Zhejiang and has other sites of interest nearby, most notably the Xuedou Temple, (雪窦寺), (7km away), atop Xuedou Mountain. Given your route to the ski site is likely to take you past the temple, you may want to look in along the way. The Ningbo Shangliang ski site itself is some 900 meters above sea level on the highest peak in the area. Skiing aside, the site is packed with cold-weather activities, so for variation you may want to try skating, take a sleigh ride, watch an ice ballet or take advantage of some of the other activities available.
> 浙江天台山绿城滑雪场
Mt.Tiantaishan Green City Ski Resort,Zhejiang Province
4 hours from Shanghai, 280 RMB/hour in holidays; night ticket 280 RMB no time limited
open time: 09:00-18:00 19:00-22:00

Greentown ski resort is located at the top of the peak of Tiantai Mountains, 10 km from Tiantai Country, Zhejiang Province. The resort offers visitors alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowmobiling sports, entertainment and other colorful snow snow sports. There are children's ski resort Piyou entertainment area, ski rental shop and ski school.
Date:2015-01-16 21:42:46
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