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  • Say goodbye to flooding, Ready for summer trip in Shanghai

    Post by : expatree

June, a long unseen rainstorm infiltrated this modern city, Shanghai. All traffic was suddenly frustrated while everyone tried the best to survive outside. Lots of impressed moments were snapped and collected during these successive days.

   Floating Bridge was Born   

   Black Swans enjoy Garden   

   Bus Help!   

   Forget car, let's use Boat!   

July, the sky had cleared after a downpour. It’s a good time to enjoy landscape and explore famous sites near the metro lines.
Binjiang Forest Park 滨江森林公园
Address: Lingqiaogao Beach 3, Gaoqiao Town, Pudong 浦东新区高桥镇凌桥高沙滩3号(近三岔港)
Metro Station: Gangchen Rd. Station

Oriental Sports Center 东方体育中心
Address: 701 Yaoti Rd. Pudong 浦东新区耀体路701号
Metro Station: Oriental Sports Center Station

Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium 源深体育中心
Address: 655 Yuanshen Rd. 源深路655号
Metro Station: Yuanshen Sports Centre Stadium Station

French Consulate Old Site 法国领事馆旧址
Address: 317 Yueyang Rd. 岳阳路317号
Metro Station: Zhaojiabang Rd. Station

Meilan Lake 美兰湖
Address: Luoxi Rd. and Meifeng Rd. 宝山罗店北欧新镇罗溪路美丰路
Metro Station: Meilanhu Station

Huangxing Park 黄兴公园
Address: 369 East Guoshun Rd. 杨浦区国顺东路369号
Metro Station: Huangxing Park Station

Zhaojialou 召稼楼
Address: Gexing Village, Pujiang Town, Minghang  闵行区浦江镇革新村
Metro Station: Shendu Highway

Wenmiao 文庙
Address: 215 Wenmiao Rd. 黄浦区文庙路215号
Metro Station: Laoximen Station

Shanghai Museum
Address: 201 People Avenue 人民大道201号
Metro Station: People Square Station

Power Station of Art
Address: 200 Huayuangang Rd. 黄浦区花园港路200号
Metro Station: South Xizang Rd. Station

Zuibaichi Park 醉白池公园
Address: 64 South Renming Rd. 松江区人民南路64号
Metro Station: Zuibaichi Park

Yuehu Diaosu Park 月湖雕塑公园
Address: 1158 Linying Xin Rd. 松江区林荫新路1158号(近林绿路)
Metro Station: Dongjing Station

Qibao Ancient Town 七宝古镇
Address: 8 Wubao Rd. 吴宝路8号
Metro Station: Qibao Station

Thames Town 泰晤士小镇
Address: 900 North Sanxin Rd. 松江区三新北路900弄
Metro Station: Songjiang Xingcheng Station

Shanghai Chen Shan Botanical Garden 上海辰山植物园
Address: 3888 Chenhuagong Rd. 松江区辰花公路3888号
Metro Station: Dongjing Station

Anting Old Street 安亭老街
Address: 570 Anting Old Street
Metro Station: Anting Station

Guyi Garden 古漪园
Address: 218 Huyi Rd. Nanxiang Town, Jiading 嘉定区南翔镇沪宜路218号
Metro Station: Nanxiang Station

Nanxiang Old Street 南翔老街
Address: 206 Jiefang Street, Nanxiang Town, Jiading 嘉定区南翔镇解放街206号
Metro Station: Nanxiang Station

Motor Museum
Address: 7565 Boyuan Rd., Anting, Jiading  嘉定区安亭博园路7565号
Metro Station: Anting Station

2050 Future Life Museum 公元2050体验馆
Address: 1108 Zhenbei Rd., Putuo 普陀区真北路1108号(近怒江北路口)
Metro Station: North Zhenbei Station

Jackie Chan Film and Art Museum 成龙电影艺术馆
Address: 88 East Yunling Rd., Putuo  普陀区云岭东路88号
Metro Station: Daduhe Rd. Station

Xinchang Old Town 新场古镇
Address: Xinchang Town, Pudong  浦东新区 新场镇
Metro Station: Xinchang Station

Shanghai Wild Animal Park 上海野生动物园
Address: 178 Nanliu Highway, Pudong  浦东新区南六公路178号
Metro Station: Wild Animal Park Station

Date:2015-07-03 01:15:03
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