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    Post by : expatree
Expatree would like to thank everyone for their unwavering trust and support. It is because of this that Expatree has grown significantly in the past year. We are glad to inform that Expatree has made great efforts to provide more options for promoting your products and brands. We have also received quite a few requests to develop and offer more marketing channels and promotion packages for our members. To better serve you, we launched our blog 2.0 with a more open and interactive platform where every registered member can use.
Concerning some requisites, we would like to offer writing and editing service referring to the branding interview. Not limited to the blog article section, it now also presents LinkedIn and Facebook page contact and this helps more people to be aware of your business through a wide range of social media platforms. We have a series of topics covering diversifying fields such as entrepreneurship, education, job hunting, culture differences, creativity, travelling for your selection and many more.
Be free to share your tips and experience with others around you. We welcome and support you to feel free on our platform. Express yourself through us. Expatree is ready to back you up.

* To enjoy new blog 2.0, please clean historical cookies at first in your browser.
Date:2014-12-04 22:29:00
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