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  • Step forward of “Helping Expats Branch Out”

    Post by : expatree

Event Reception
Thanks to all your involvement and trust to our job fair and networking event last week. We got fully booked online and near 100 people came to enjoy our event. To our delight, 90% corporate successfully approached expected candidates, and our efforts and hard work are well recognized by all attendants.

Candidates are attentive in presentation

Candidates are talking with employers

The employers joined this time covering different industries such as Media & Design, e-Commerce, Biotechnology, Education & Training, Legal, Marketing & Communications etc.

It’s provided more than 40 positions such as CEO assistant, business developer, marketing executive, project manager, event planning, graphic designer, public relation, customer service and so on. We are proud of a wide range of position choices helping foreign candidates to build practical career skills in near future, particularly in China.

Candidates’ Moments

We will further help you to brand out your expat life in China and hope our efforts can make your life easier and more wonderful here. 

See more event photos, please click here
Date:2015-04-07 22:14:35
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