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  • Thanks to “out of box” thoughts - China and the End of Meta-Narratives

    Post by : expatree
Well, one stone can start with ripples and end in waves. Recently, China is has been under huge pressure from the public’s opinion. It’s not the first time that the “Occupy Central” event has happened in Hong Kong, but this time it caused a big impact referring to the political discussion that we had never seen before: “Democracy”, “Freedom.” These words were frequently reported in the newspaper and other forms of media. On the other hand, other opposing headlines included: “occupy disrupts social order.”
More and more different voices have come up and added to the already roaring fire. One such voice raised a challenging question: “Is there only one way in this world to govern ourselves by building a democratic elections system?” There is a Chinese old saying, “For matters under heaven, those closely involved cannot see as clearly as those outside.” When everyone dropped into this farce, people get accustomed to the norm. Independent thinking seizes to happen and one just simply follows the crowd. Fortunately, someone stood out and showed a different view of the bigger picture by using dialectical logic.
The significance of China’s example is not that it provides an alternative, but the demonstration that alternatives exist.” We would like to share this opinion, thanks to this “out of the box” thought, our minds were opened up. We were once again exposed to a change in views which surely will provoke a movement. 

Date:2014-10-17 13:49:20
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