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  • The Brand Speaks the Truth… PART II

    Post by : expatree
"Brand = Culture”, this title might confuse everyone a little as it’s really difficult to make strong relation. But we have discovered that more and more successful brands were born with this invisible feature. Since the last article, we went through some more facts about the Double 11 campaign and observed that a good brand can tell us a story reflecting its value. Although it sounds like an amazing idea on the branding market, it’s not so easy to put it into practice. Compared to the traditional “hard push” advertising on how to make others share brand value, this has turned into a big challenge. Here, we continually explore several good examples and it might inspire you on the power of branding.
This is no celebrity showcase, no one tells you how good the coffee smells, not even the slightest discount promotion, and instead you only see Japanese women wearing Kimonos gathering with hand-craft discussions. The parents accompany their children and watch the violin practice; friends meet together and see the video preview before the formal stage performance; business partners are talking perspective plans. At a first glance, it’s just another normal daily routine-chatting, talking, laughing, listening music, celebrating etc. “Good things happen, When we get together”, yeah, Starbucks tells us how it becomes a part of our daily life, and most importantly it presents a kind of lifestyle, a unique culture.


Creativity is always a high attention to the public. No one prefers the boring story, but when the boring one meets the interesting one, to our surprise it makes everything vivid and different. During 2 minutes, two artists utilize pots, umbrella, salt, iron zip etc. to simulate all kinds of sound as simple as when someone is getting dressed. These clothes come from COS, one brand belonging to H&M group, it completely shows us the perfect combination of interesting and boring and they deserve a warm applause for this idea as well as the message of brand culture behind it.
<<The Sound of COS>>

Going back to the Double 11 campaign, until now Tmall particularly for Taobao never escapes from the scandal of “fake product”, "bogus orders/shop credits" and “stock clearance sales” when it announces 50% off discount strategy. Other competitors like JD from Tencent group, uses this to make an ironic promotion video then sharply point out Tmall’s weakness. Of course, it’s not a really good example of branding marketing but in China sometimes it still impacts the public opinion. Again, we consider the culture of brand equals a soul of brand, without this, it’s just a simple version of “Buy & Sell”.
Date:2014-11-07 11:14:28
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