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  • The Chinese lucky packets from hometown? Do you want to collect these?

    Post by : expatree
Following Chinese tradition and custom, hong bao (Mandarin), another named red envelopered packetlai see (Cantonese) is a monetary gift which is given during holidays or special occasions such as weddings, graduation or the birth of a baby. The amount of money contained in the envelope usually ends with an even digit, in accordance with Chinese beliefs; odd-numbered money gifts are traditionally associated with funerals. Not limited to this, such as amount figure in 40, 400 and 444 is always forbidden because the pronunciation in Mandarin is homophonous to the word death.
The online virtual ‘Hong bao’ was born in 2014 by Wechat, a mobile application developed  by company Tencent. This application offers users the ability to provision deposited money in the form of virtual 'credits' to other users of the application. There are two types of ‘Hong bao’  which are the regular one as well as the lucky draw, means each receiver gets random amount in the same online group.
No matter traditional ‘Hong bao’ or ‘Wechat Hong bao’, the interface design seems no changed a lot, always keeps old fashion styles. This time hometown feeling ‘Hong bao’ show off a fantastic design experience while the Chinese Lunar New Year is approaching. Let’s explore them!
By designer | Cui Changjie
The world famous Forbidden City is not only a great magnet but also a symbol of Good Luck in 2017.

By designer | Xu Pengfei
A combination of Oriental Pearl TV Tower and Stone Gate Houses by “Hello” Shanghaiese represents Shanghai culture in one picture.

By designer | Wu Jiehong
Six lovely chicks speak Tianjinese in the Year of Rooster in addition to a classical Chinese poetry displayed in the back.

By designer | Lu Jian
Well-known Chinese hot pot, Jianglin River and 2 Mandarin words “大吉”(good fortune) build up an art craft design.

By designer | Zhang Zijian
In East North area of China, a red lantern hanging on the front door of each family looks a dancing red line of beautiful landscape.

By designer | Wen Li
The beauty of rime in the Songhua River is characterized by grandeur and rareness. Do you see Mandarin words “大吉”(good fortune) in the picture?

By designer | Shi Yu
Opposite to traditional red color, Khata plays a significant role as a greeting gift, which always used in blue.

By designer | Shao Yunfei
In traditional mind, wearing a new clothing and playing firecrackers are a symbol of marking Spring Festival.

By designer | Zhu Bo
Gold egg delivers a message of a new beginning by the Year of Rooster is approaching. Hand-painted Yellow Mountain and Pine Tree show the beauties of nature.

By designer | Pan Hu
The Yellow Crane Tower is well-known visit spot in Hubei. Not only a group of Cranes make a circle shape but also one rooster stands below, which means an old Chinese saying “Standout alone 鹤立鸡群(he li ji qun)”.
By designer | Xiong Chao
Chairman Mao was born in Hunan, his portrait significantly pops up when 100 RMB placed in Hong Bao in a crafty cutout design.

By designer | Zhang Hongke
As a unique word “福(Good Luck)” in province name compared to others, there is a traditional antithetical couplets “福到福建正成功,福往福来贺新年”.

By designer | Lin Shaobin
The Chinese God of Wealth gives people a thriving business, combing with other traditional elements such as Lion Dance Performance and Wuyang Statue.

By designer | Sha Feng
This consists of all Hainan featured elements, coconut palm, beach, sun shining, sunglasses, seagulls and  airplane, shows a unique beautiful landscape.

By designer | Wang Qiang
Rooster standing on Elephant decorated by plenty of flowers makes an image of happiness and peace.

By designer | Tan Huang
Have you ever seen Panda God of Wealth? Adding more modern elements like Poker, Rock Music and Fortune Cat presents a diversity of culture life.

By designer | Meng Shenhui
The background shows Dunhuang frescoes, gems of ancient Chinese art. With no doubt  its encyclopedic cultural value and historic significance are inestimable.
As above, which Hong bao’s design is your most favorite?  Expatree wishes happy Spring Festival to all expats in China J
Date:2017-01-18 15:04:01
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