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  • The Ultimate Guide To Becoming An Expat Car Owner In China

    Post by : expatree
More than 21 million cars were sold in China in 2019, according to Pymnts. Convenience, as well as the rising cost of taxis and other modes of public transport, has resulted in an increasing number of expats choosing to purchase their own vehicles. So, whether you’re a new expat in China or an experienced one, how do you go about purchasing your own car?

Setting a budget
The McKinsey China Auto Insights Report found that the most desirable price of a new vehicle is between 200,000 and 300,000 RMB. The good news is that if you have lived in China for at least a year, you are eligible to apply for an auto loan. This means you’ll be able to pay for your new vehicle in monthly installments, rather than in one lump sum, making car ownership a lot more affordable. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to save some cash, it’s worth considering a used vehicle, as figures from Statista reveal that these have an average price tag of 62,000 RMB.

Choosing the perfect model
The Volkswagen Lavida is one of the most popular cars in China. Other popular vehicles include the Nissan Sylphy and Toyota Corolla. But you shouldn’t let this sway your vote. Instead, think about what you and your family need from a car in terms of size, fuel efficiency, and running costs. If you were used to driving a specific vehicle back in your native country, consider buying the same model or a similar one, as it will make navigating China’s roads easier for you. Most importantly, do your homework and thoroughly look into a car’s background before making your purchase. Factors such as driving experience and reliability are crucial when you’re driving in a new country, so reading online reviews and test driving multiple vehicles is wise.

Obtaining a license
As a car owner in China, it’s crucial that you obtain a license plate number and register it. Different metropolises have different systems for this, including auctions and lotteries, which can make it complicated and costly to register a vehicle. Sixth Tone reports that people in Bejing have just a one in 2,021 chance of obtaining a license, so it’s worth checking the application process before you commit to buying a vehicle, as you may need the license first. You also need to understand and adhere to any driving stipulations that your license plate gives. For example, plates ending in certain numbers are forbidden from driving on Bejing’s roads on certain days of the week and at certain times of the day.

As an expat, you’re sure to want the freedom of being able to go about your business with your own set of wheels rather than relying on public transport. But if you are planning on purchasing a vehicle in China, make sure you spend time finding the most appropriate type of vehicle for your needs, and research local guidelines so you can be sure you’re road-legal at all times.
Katlyn Hope
for Expatree
Date:2020-04-02 11:44:56
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