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  • Those “Luxury” International Schools in Shanghai, are expat parents ready for that?

    Post by : expatree
"220K RMB one year tuition fee in a primary school?!" Yeah, you have not misheard it, the most expensive international shool of Shanghai was born in 2014. As amounts of expat families move to Shanghai recently, parents start to pay more attention to the selection of international schools being offered for primary and secondary, even high school education. Traditionally, the exclusive choice is always the international school, but the high cost of tuition fees keeps parents away if they do not have financial sponsorship. Thanks to the policy changes, nowadays we have observed that expat children were successfully enrolled in the local primary or secondary schools. Then in 2014, it was officially announced that 22 local high schools opened an international class to the public, this includes public, private and international schools.
There are different kinds of international classes being offered, almost all courses prepare students for university entrance exam, who usually have an oversea study plan after high school graduation. We list various types of school programs offered so you can better choose what will benefit your children the most.

The public schools, regardless of primary or secondary level, have significantly lower tuition fees than that of international schools. Basically, it has no charges on public primary schools, and it only spends 900 to 2K RMB each semester in a public high school. On the other hand, here is a cost summary of international class opened by 22 high schools in Shanghai.

Besides the schools already mentioned, there are also more varieties of private international schools but parents have to afford higher expense in these “luxury” schools. More freedom and choice will be given to expat parents in Shanghai but it is understandable if you get a little lost with so many systems. Generally speaking, where your children plan to go to university or where you´re origins are, dictate your final education system choice. How to select a proper international school in Shanghai? We hope this will be useful to every expat family’s future planning.

Date:2015-04-30 18:22:11
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