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  • Trending localization affects expats’ daily life in China, are you ready?

    Post by : expatree

We hope every expat had a good vacation during the Chinese New Year holiday. On the first working day, it’s still an opportunity to summarize the official Expatree Report, 2013 – 2014 Expats Daily Life Behaviors, this emphasizes an answer to the question of “What are expat people looking for in Shanghai?” Compared to the report of 2013, we discovered a conformity phenomenon rising in the past year, and it’s mirroring local custom and policy already penetrating into expats’ life. Well, let’s explore this phenomena.
In a nutshell, a “Big Surprise” is belonging to the “SERVICE” field and its share is dramatically increasing from 5% to 23% compared to that of last year. Except for the “PRODUCT” field which has kept a strong sign of growth, others such as “Event”, “Leisure” demanding are lower than its previous figure due to the “SERVICE” part meanwhile persistent decreasing in “FOOD & BEVERAGE” continues to be a fact of “too many choices” or in other words “Supply is greater than demand” that comply with economic principals.

2013 - 2014 Internet Keyword Search by demanding for Expats(%)

Why this “Big Surprise”? The reason is just behind detailed category. Top 6 categories are listed below, “Visa”, “Job Seeking”, “Taxi”, “VPN” these 4 keywords already occupied 80% of shares. Do you still remember how many people considered visa policy becoming a nightmare after China announced a new treatment to all of expats? It caused a domino effect that visa trouble definitely affects further job opportunity. In the other hand when “Google” was totally dead to access, several VPN providers were forced to close down because VPN did not work anymore against official firewall policy. Go back to “Taxi”, not limited to expat people, how to solve “a lack of taxi service” for locals is still in discussion since the Taxi APP is leading to a variety of social problems for example “refuse to take passengers” and "black taxi". Obviously we have to struggle for more resources in China along with the frequently changing policies.
2013 - 2014 Internet Keyword Search of Service Category for Expats(%)

When we take a look at “PRODUCT”, a new category that gives us a deep impression, is “Health Product”. In 2013, we survived to “watch pigs in Huangpu River”, then in 2014 we met a big threat of air pollution, Shanghai’s air quality had paid for the consequences since the last haze lay over Beijing. Thanks to this result, types of air purifier products nearly sold out, this sales revenue is unbelievably soaring up to double even triple.
2013 - 2014 Internet Keyword Search of Product Category for Expats(%)

Referring to “Event” and “Leisure”, although it has a lower ratio, the categories remain the similar trends compared to last year. It shows the choice of leisure activity is trying to reach diversity, to most expat people, we have nothing against diversity; indeed, we want more of it.

2013 - 2014 Internet Keyword Search of Event Category for Expats(%)

2013 - 2014 Internet Keyword Search of Leisure Category for Expats(%)

It might be a bit difficult to remain a complete western lifestyle and concepts of home countries in Shanghai, because here it’s always changed a lot every day. We are not afraid of being “localized”, on the contrary we need to soak this no matter its old tradition or eastern mind, in order to enrich our life, make it better and better.
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Date:2015-02-26 23:19:36
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