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  • “Wanghong”, Everyone could be in China?!

    Post by : expatree

It’s reported that the overall size of the Wanghong economy is growing as cyber stars are going beyond the fashion industry and into online gaming, travel and baby products since 2015. “Wanghong(网红)”, another named “Internet celebrity”, or “blue-eyed boy on the internet”, different from stars and celebrities, this group is touchable through a variety of video live shows on the internet, to meet the tastes of younger netizens. To our interest, “Wanghong” is not far away from expat residents in China, because some expats have been a member of this list.

“阿福Thomas”a German chap married with a Shanghaiese girl, his selfie cosplay video about wife’s family was surprisingly favored by many local Chinese, receiving strong attention from various media and achieving invitation with many television programs. This big incentive encourages Thomas going on the track of professional “Wanghong” then.
"德国阿福" Thomas Cosplay Video

In China the prototype of “Wanghong” comes from commentators of live video platform for gamers, which similar to television commentator in live football match. Take advantage of mobile video development, not limited to performance, delivered “CONTENT” reformed and changed to more “Daily Life Show”, chatting, playing, even eating, Wanghongs enjoy spending much time to share their lifestyle by interacting their followers. This results in a huge potential business opportunity because of fan economy, meanwhile various companies speed up to build online platform to gather Wanghong together, Young, Slim body, White skin, Angel face as long as Chinese girls fit these criteria, they have been considered as a junior Wanghong.

“Wanghong economy” is just born by a whole chain of this new industry. As a well-known Wanghong, amounts of followers top up real money to send a virtual prize such as “Flower”, “Vehicle” etc. then platform could get commission according to the mutual agreement. Furthermore those hottest Wanghongs have a chance to clinch lucrative product endorsements, also ride their fame to open an online store in taobao even setup an own-brand studio. The most impressive case should belong to “Papi Video” (Papi酱) sharing an ironic and humorous attitude to Chinese lifestyle, who successfully obtained 12 million RMB fundraising from local investors. “How much a Wanghong can earn in a month? this might be a very curious question to public. Following some interviews, kind of popular Wanghong monthly earns from 20,000 RMB to 100,000 RMB.

Papi Video Screenshot

However not all Wanghongs easily to approach such big economic benefits, due to a heavier competition some video “CONTENT” has been crossing a moral bottom line by trending to porn view or abnormal behavior, in order to extremely draw audience attention. In addition to this, one critical voice also rises up Opposite of hot Wanghong phenomenon, it’s hinted that some Chinese are empty in heart, they need a substitute for acting out forbidden desires, isn’t it? To our opinion this comment makes sense, we never deny this new form makes everyone enrich our daily life and sometimes it’s broadcasting a “positive attitude” to the world, in contrast we have to realize that no matter platform or individual, all of us must stop an utilitarian commercial speculation, this behaves everyone to do his duty.
Date:2016-09-14 15:02:13
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