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  • [White Paper] Who are we? This is Chinese-style expats life

    Post by : expatree
Since 2012, it discovers that some traditions and behaviors have exerted a profound impact on the values and way of life of the expat people today. It’s quite interesting to make a behavior comparison between local Chinese and expats group, 

Until March of 2017, it says “Service” and “Leisure” demanding are ranked top 2 in the keyword of interest among expats group, with a relatively significant share 71%. Meanwhile nearly half share especially in “Service” request indicates expats people stay focused on healthier, higher quality lifestyle with a big effort of getting into the mainstream of Chinese society during 5 years.
The bad news, high demand of seeking “job” and “visa” solution is implying both internal and external “troubles” that expats have to face, China has constantly leveled up the entrance barrier for foreign talents in recent years, means the golden age of “English teacher” claims to an end. 

For example when a foreigner is seeking a job in Shanghai, we suggest they save these important tips,
- Shanghai is so-called “An International Metropolis”, unfortunately it is not the city of “International Language” even for the English-speaking
-  Working experience in the home country is not a strength as much as local experience
- “GuanXi” is delicate and powerful, networking strength sometimes can dominate everything
-  Headhunters prefer to poach talents from the companies 

A relative fact of local Chinese behavior is approaching to expats habits. It reported that local Chinese is on the way of consuming transformation from the desire of “product-oriented” to “service-oriented”. Compared to the fact in 2012, people cut their food & beverage purchase by 30% decrease in opposite to 8%-9% consumption increase in “Leisure” and “Travelling” activities in 2015.

In 2015 the box office income of Chinese cinemas had been incredibly soaring up 50%, For example this year domestic action film Wolf Warrior 2 topped the box office in an unprecedented number, grossing 3.4 billion yuan (roughly $506 million) in just 13 days. The film is now China`s top grossing film, breaking the record previously held by Steven Chow`s fantasy comedy The Mermaid (with 3.39 billion yuan ticket sales) in 2016. This data shows a strong signal that “Go to cinema” has become one of main leisure activities for Chinese consumers. Due to the language barrier and something else reasons, “Go to party”, includes different kinds of networking event, is always the first priority choice for expats in a short-term spare time. This preference is followed by another two activities of “Gallery Exhibition“ and “Fashion workshop & Market”.

Except F&B and Travelling expenditure, it’s a coincidence that no matter local Chinese or expats meet a similar consumption pattern, the interest of “Apparel” stands on the top against others. “Pets and related products” are featured in expats marketing, relatively Chinese consumers have a wider range of product selections. Since “iphone” is released to the public and thanks to government policy incentives for “Internet+” industry, digital and digitalized products are becoming popular like smart phone, smart watch, smart TV and box. Not limited to this, people experienced for crazy purchase on video cards because of glorious period of “Bit Coin” economics development in China.

Last but not least, in general expats people have a stronger mindset of “brand awareness”, this phenomenon silently happened on Chinese young generation in first-tier cities. Until 2015, more consumers prefer a specific favorite brand rather than trying on something new, this amount is increased by 6% to 11% in F&B, personal care, apparel and electric products.
This does not mean there is no any opportunity for new brand entering in Chinese consumer’s short list. We found another new trending is, part of local Chinese start chasing healthier, higher quality products. “Low price” is never a unique decision maker instead cost performance is considered. We are happy to say, for both expats and Chinese people, they are now on the same page about life attitude, “healthier and higher quality”.

Top Image "Expats in China" is edited by Expatree, Origin from 2014 Malachi Rempen, 
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Date:2017-10-17 18:11:28
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